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Building Blocks

These days a lot of musicians are thoroughly trained in High School and College. It’s more and more rare to find players who haven’t had at least little music theory background. Although it’s been proven in the industry that a whole lot of great musicians never read a note, It’s become more important then ever to have some basic reading skills. Music jobs are so varied these days it’s a good idea to get as thorough an education as possible. I thought this week I could give an overview of reading basics. Many of you will already know all this stuff, but since I’m going to be doing mostly transcriptions and things in this blog I’d like to give this introduction to reading for reference. Continue reading

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3 Part Vocal Harmonies – Fleet Foxes

Creating 3 Part Folk Harmonies – “White Winter Hymnal” by Fleet Foxes

Maybe we aren’t all born singers, but that can’t stop us from learning the tricks to their awesome harmonies. Transcribing your favorite vocal chords will help add sounds to your writing palate and also give you an appreciation for the nuts and bolts of the folk sound.

The same possibilities for harmonization apply when writing in any style and for all instruments. These harmonizing techniques can also be used by accompaniment musicians (guitar/piano) to create solid melodies in their chord voicings. Continue reading

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