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Winner’s Interview with THERMONUCLEARITY

There were nearly ten separate prizes for The Hours remix contest on Indaba Music but when we asked the winners why they entered, they told us that they did it for the music. Thermonuclearity is a creative partnership of musicians trying to share their love of music with the world.

Based in Germany, the Grand Prize duo met us online for a quick Winner’s Interview. Learn more about this exciting team below!

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Remix The Hours to Win Over $6,000 in Prizes

Remix The Hours for Over $6,000 in PrizesHave you heard? British indie rockers The Hours are offering what could be the coolest merch we have ever heard of. Famed (corrected: VERY FAMED) modern visual artist Damien Hirst not only created art for their release but also provided a signed lithograph as part of the Grand Prize for the best remix. This rare lithograph has been valued at up to $8,000 USD.  Even non-art fans can appreciate that price tag…

And if that’s not enough you could also win the complete catalogue including signed records and a ton of other band merch.

Download the stems and get the remix juices flowing.

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