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Studio Session with Alexandra Stewart

Our very own Alexandra Stewart is bringing us something fresh for you to start your Thursday morning.

Recently featured on Impose, her song “Soul like a Ghost” is hard hitting and the Canadian-born artist has plenty more to share in the coming months. We stopped by Braund Sound to shoot the single and are pleased to share the results.

Watch the video above and be sure to check out her 2nd performance here in NYC on June 12. You can download two songs off her unreleased record here.

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Howling Brothers Brunch at Suite 268

What: A bluegrass brunch in a loft on the Bowery. Food, drinks, and bluegrass music….

Where: The former Indaba Music loft space, now the home of Josh and Steve.

Though we may not work at our old Bowery location anymore, that doesn’t mean we aren’t still enjoying the benefits of this great NYC loft space. What happens when you fill said space with 4 music lovers and Indaba employees? Bluegrass Brunch at Suite 268.

For the next round of videos, we’re please to present the Howling Brothers. An American band through and through, these brothers brought us back to the good ole days for an unforgettable morning at a place we once called home. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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Melvin Davis Plays Neil Diamond Live at the Indaba Music Studio

Mel Davis, one of the finest jazz organists today, performed Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” as well as his groovy orginal “Every Single Day” live at the Indaba Music Studio. Along with Davis on organ, these videos feature the great Buddy Williams on drums and Mark Bowers on guitar. Check out more videos on Suite 268!

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New on Suite 268: My Goodness Performs Live at Studio B

Right after finishing their British Tour, Joel Schneider from My Goodness recorded the two beautiful songs Lost in the Soul and In the Sun for Indaba Music and performed live at Studio B. The Seattle rock duo epitomizes the purest distillation of rock, blues, and punk.

Experience their music here in a more intimate and acoustic setting. Enjoy the videos and check back soon for more videos from Suite268!

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Sara Bareilles Covered by Indaba Members, Jacob Jeffries Band

The Indaba Music staff was delighted to have Jacob Jeffries Band stop by our new in-house Studio to record a couple of videos.  Their “Uncharted” cover above is making waves around our office as they continue their tour up and down the East coast.

Watch them perform “Crazy Under the Moon” off their new record, Tell Me Secrets, which reached the Top 20 iTunes charts Saturday night. Check out the official music video here!

If you want to be a part of our Suite 268 channel, email record@indabamusic.com to learn more!

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