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3 Indaba Members Released by Nonesuch Records!

It’s not every day that Indaba members are released by one of the most famous and well respected record labels in the world. April 22nd just happened to be one of those days. We are excited and incredibly proud to announce that the composer known as the single most influential composer of his time has released not one, not two, but three Indaba members on his most recent EP, Reich: 2×5 (Remixed).

The music released was the result of our Steve Reich Opportunity in the fall of 2010, and now it has all come together! We hope you enjoy the amazing music and support the huge talent it took to win this Opportunity. Downloads are available exclusively on iTunes.

Check it out on iTunes >>

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Steve Reich Contest Winner Interviewed by the BBC

The Steve Reich portion of the broadcast starts at 6:25.

Though P. Diddy claims to have invented the remix, history clearly shows it’s been around since at least the Renaissance. Though, as Steve notes, the terminology has changed from “variations” to “remixes”. Taking another composers’ raw material and creating new music based on the source composition is obviously nothing new, yet it’s seen a serious resurgence since the advent of sample and electronic based music.

Now, in this modern age, even current contemporary composers are no stranger to the cultural impact of the remix. In fact, this isn’t the first time Steve’s music was remixed by a group of electronically situated musicians. Nonesuch has released two remix albums, one in 1999 called Reich Remixed, and one in 2006 aptly titled Reich: Remixed 2006.

Dominique Leone, winner of the Steve Reich contest is a testament to what can be accomplished conceptually and musically by the composers of today. His creative treatment of the Reich remix not only utilizes old world compositional technique and sensibility, but carries with it the full weight of what’s capable using today’s recording technology. He layers, re-records, chops and ultimately alters and existing piece to make it his own.

Indaba is the latest way to source variations on well known works; something Anton Diabelli, were he alive today, would undoubtedly support (in both the business and creative aspects). Though, in contrast to composers of the past, the internet provides the social way forward—and increasingly, the social way is the mainstream way.

- Rick

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Re-Work Steve Reich to Win $500 and a Signed Score!

New Contest!

Steve Reich ContestWhen Nonesuch Records suggested that we run a program with master composer Steve Reich, we were head-over-heels excited. Not everyday does an opportunity arise to work with material from one of the most important composers of the last 60 years. The body of work put out by Steve Reich has been so compelling, it’s incited legions of new composers to re-think the traditional model of creation.

Now it’s your chance to take truly world-class material and see what you can do.

If you win, you’ll have $500, a signed album and a signed Pulitzer Prize-winning score.  You’ll also get to enjoy the benefits of a 1 year Platinum Membership to Indaba. But most important, you’ll have the respect (and attention) of Steve Reich.

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