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Your Original Music Could Win $2000 in Gear

Hello Music is a daily deals platform for musicians. Just like Indaba Music, they work every day on behalf of musicians. They offer huge discounts on limited quantities of instruments, gear, studio time, and other unique and valuable music services. Playing music is expensive and musicians deserve a break.


And don’t forget to enter our Hello Music Songwriting Contest! You could win $2000 in recording gear.

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Building Blocks

These days a lot of musicians are thoroughly trained in High School and College. It’s more and more rare to find players who haven’t had at least little music theory background. Although it’s been proven in the industry that a whole lot of great musicians never read a note, It’s become more important then ever to have some basic reading skills. Music jobs are so varied these days it’s a good idea to get as thorough an education as possible. I thought this week I could give an overview of reading basics. Many of you will already know all this stuff, but since I’m going to be doing mostly transcriptions and things in this blog I’d like to give this introduction to reading for reference. Continue reading

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8 Ways for Songwriters to Optimize Creative Output

Our friends at Songtrust, who provide the easiest way to collect all your royalties, are doing their best to help us all avoid Hump Day Slump with a guide to keeping things creative.

There is no reason why the creative process needs to be a struggle; a never-ending tug of war between you and an idea. Unfortunately, this is the approach that many songwriters take.

For any songwriter, both hobbyists and professionals included, the way to achieve the greatest success is to nurture the creative process, so that each idea – no matter how big or small – can blossom into a fully developed song. Continue reading

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Winners Announced for YouNow’s Songwriting Competition

We sent our Community Team over to the YouNow.com offices to determine the Grand Prize Winner of our YouNow Songwriting Contest.

YouNow is the newest way to broadcast yourself to the world, a kind of “open Mic” for musicians. Each performer lines up to broadcast and the public votes up or down depending on their feelings about that performer.

In this case, our community team played the role of the voter and helped giveaway $2,000 in prizes! Though it was a very difficult decision to make as all of the contestants gave a strong performance, they finally chose a winner.

Drum roll please…. Continue reading

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Final Round of YouNow! Watch the Indaba Music Staff Live

We’re heading over to the YouNow.com offices to determine the Grand Prize Winner of our YouNow Songwriting Contest.

See you tomorrow at 4:00pm EST!

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