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Colton Schweitzer + Matisyahu

Sometimes it feels like there is no one listening.  You pour your heart into your submission and with great pride you share it with your fans and friends. Yet, despite its awesomeness, it gets lost in the mass shuffle of the interwebs—never to be heard again.  Ok, that’s a little dramatic, but it sure feels good to know that someone is appreciating you work.  Even better?  When it’s Matisyahu who is appreciating your work.

Colton Schweitzer is a student at the University of Washington with a passion for making music.  As an Indaba member for over a year now, Colton has submitted to 5 remix contests but it was not until the Matisyahu “Live Like A Warrior” remix contest opportunity that he received the acknowledgement he’d been looking for.   Colton writes, “I found out from another participant in the competition that Matisyahu himself had posted about my remix on Facebook. At the time, I was at work and I was having an awful day where everything seemed to be going wrong… I was immediately ecstatic.

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Exclusive Interview with Lights Remix Winner: Chomstar

Hey Zak and Jordan! Congratulations on winning the Grand Prize in our Lights “Toes” remix contest. How did you two meet and get started with Chomstars?
Zak Kazanski: Well we both go to school at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York. It must have been fate that brought us so far from home. Jordan is from LA. and my family is from Tampa. I was working on my degree in sound design and pop culture there, Jordan was studying computer science, and it was a while before we actually crossed paths. One random Friday night I was up late working on a track for NBA 2k12 in my studio (aka my tiny dorm room). Continue reading

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Indaba Interview with Neon Feather: Look Out World!

Neon Feather, you’ve won the Grand Prize in 3 separate contests. We’re amazed! Can you talk a bit about how your life has changed since your success on Indaba, if at all?
It really is ridiculous to me, the idea of three wins. I don’t know about life change, but it’s definitely facilitated the purchase of some not-so-cheap equipment and software that I now view as indispensable. While I don’t believe that buying gratuitous amounts of gear is going to improve a person’s sound nearly as much as dedicated creativity with limited resources, there were a few very necessary purchases that I’m seriously blessed to have been able to fund with the prize money. As for exposure, I know it has gotten my name out to artists, labels and music-listeners, so that’s awesome and I’m thankful for it.

The community has quoted you as being a “pioneer in the world of electronic music. His remixes will spark your imagination and alter what you believe is possible in music. Look out world, Neon Feather’s headed your way!” and “….simply a “music wizard”. sorry, no words…only, the best producer.” Do you have a response to the amazing amount of recognition?
I really don’t know what to say, haha. I feel incredibly honored. Continue reading

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Indaba Members Remix Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes 2012 C-Class Coupe has been re-designed and re-mixed. To advertise the new Coupe, Mercedes partnered with Grooveshark and Indaba Music to approach some of our community’s greatest to create an album of custom remixes.

Acting as a global production house, Indaba Music reached out to a handful of members to work on material ranging from Metric to never before remixed, Johnny Cash.

Indaba and Mercedes worked together to develop a creative brief to represent the sound mercedes was looking for and our members captured that sound over the course of ONE week.

This type of project wouldn’t have been possible for Mercedes (or anyone) without access to the amount of talent that indaba Music can provide through members like you. We’re so impressed with the quality of the remixes above and congratulate all of the talented musicians on their incredible work!

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Official Release: 14 Indaba Members & Nick Carter

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