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Steve Reich Contest Winner Interviewed by the BBC

The Steve Reich portion of the broadcast starts at 6:25.

Though P. Diddy claims to have invented the remix, history clearly shows it’s been around since at least the Renaissance. Though, as Steve notes, the terminology has changed from “variations” to “remixes”. Taking another composers’ raw material and creating new music based on the source composition is obviously nothing new, yet it’s seen a serious resurgence since the advent of sample and electronic based music.

Now, in this modern age, even current contemporary composers are no stranger to the cultural impact of the remix. In fact, this isn’t the first time Steve’s music was remixed by a group of electronically situated musicians. Nonesuch has released two remix albums, one in 1999 called Reich Remixed, and one in 2006 aptly titled Reich: Remixed 2006.

Dominique Leone, winner of the Steve Reich contest is a testament to what can be accomplished conceptually and musically by the composers of today. His creative treatment of the Reich remix not only utilizes old world compositional technique and sensibility, but carries with it the full weight of what’s capable using today’s recording technology. He layers, re-records, chops and ultimately alters and existing piece to make it his own.

Indaba is the latest way to source variations on well known works; something Anton Diabelli, were he alive today, would undoubtedly support (in both the business and creative aspects). Though, in contrast to composers of the past, the internet provides the social way forward—and increasingly, the social way is the mainstream way.

- Rick

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Remix The Hours to Win Over $6,000 in Prizes

Remix The Hours for Over $6,000 in PrizesHave you heard? British indie rockers The Hours are offering what could be the coolest merch we have ever heard of. Famed (corrected: VERY FAMED) modern visual artist Damien Hirst not only created art for their release but also provided a signed lithograph as part of the Grand Prize for the best remix. This rare lithograph has been valued at up to $8,000 USD.  Even non-art fans can appreciate that price tag…

And if that’s not enough you could also win the complete catalogue including signed records and a ton of other band merch.

Download the stems and get the remix juices flowing.

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Jason Moran Receives $500,000 MacArthur Grant

One of the young visionaries of the newest jazz generation is Jason Moran. After graduating from the Manhattan School of Music, he soon started his own trio called The Bandwagon and began fusing different elements of music including hip-hop, r&b, rock and classical. A new sound emerged, one which has matured through several albums. A prolific composer, Jason has also written for a ballet company and for a multimedia tribute to Thelonious Monk. Jason is a well regarded sideman, sharing the stage with a large array of jazz luminaries from Ravi Coltrane to Christian McBride. This fall his continued success reached a new plateau when he was selected as a MacArthur “Genius” Grant recipient. He will receive $500,000 to further his artistic horizons – with absolutely no strings attached.

With the proliferation of jazz education in the 1980s and the death of Miles Davis in 1991, jazz was effectively pushed into the lesser known realm of art music. It became less about the current creatives and more about the previous heros of the genre. Armed with their newly fashioned skills, students sought to bring the music back to the now. A beautiful thing happened—a new type of jazz was born. It wasn’t the jazz that the aging generation had come to embrace. It wasn’t even the jazz of the legendary John Coltrane, who many of the students had come to idolize. It was the jazz of the now, it was the voice of the a new generation.  Jason Moran plays a big role in that voice, and we’re proud to have had the chance to work with him here at Indaba.

You can listen to remixes of Jason’s music on his Indaba Music contest page.

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Remix KT Tunstall to Win $1,000 and a Mic From Blue!

New Contest!

Since 2004, KT Tunstall has been making some serious waves in the British and American music scenes. Her confident voice and keen songwriting ability has earned her awards, accolades, multi-platinum sales, and fame. Her latest album Tiger Suit features a new sound and some very interesting songs.

Now, she has released the stems for her new single “Fade Like a Shadow” for your remixing pleasure. So, summon up all of your creative juices and let the music flow. You’ll win $1,000 and a Baby Bottle Microphone from Blue Microphones, plus features on all her official websites and a 2 month Platinum Membership to Indaba.

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VIDEO: Opportunities You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Have you ever wanted to collaborate with a famous artist like Weezer or Yo-Yo Ma? Have you dreamt of mastering your track in the personal studio of an artist like Peter Gabriel? Have you wished your remix would be released on a major label alongside bands like Linkin Park or Metric? Have you desired to chill with Xzibit in Los Angeles?  The list goes on…

We make sure that every contest we run provides opportunities you won’t find anywhere else.  Whether it’s the chance to work with the stems from a world famous recording artist or a needed career boost, opportunities on Indaba are unparalleled.

Watch this video and see what it’s all about. Enjoy!

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