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Catering to a Niche vs. Appealing to the Masses

It is known that people often view their favorite musical genre as “the best,” and can cite various reasons why. But since musical taste is subjective, I find ranking styles irrelevant—we might as well be arguing about which flavor of ice cream is the best. Some people like mint chocolate chip, and some like rocky road. We can all agree that neither flavor is right or wrong. I happen to have a pretty diverse palette and believe that all flavors can be a “favorite,” depending on the mood I am in.

I like to compare ingredients in ice cream to ingredients in music because it helps me strategize about the consumer base I am marketing towards. Sometimes I want to make a simple flavor that appeals to the masses, like vanilla, and sometimes I want to make a more complicated blend, like pistachio-banana-walnut ice cream, that requires a specifically developed palette to be properly appreciated. In this case, vanilla ice cream is like pop music and the latter is comparable to a more specific genre, like dub-step.

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DJ PM comes to Indaba Music

There is a new Artist In Residence in town – DJ PM! He is going to be sharing his knowledge of the world of DJing and what it takes to be an up and coming DJ in the industry today.

Be sure to check in on a weekly basis to stay up to date with DJ PM as he takes you on a great journey to better understand the world of DJing!

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