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Fun Way to Earn $50 Every Week

The Weekly Brief is a brand new program we’ve launched to test and reward your music-making skills. Every Wednesday we will announce a new creative brief, so if you’re not interested in this week’s, just wait 7 days!

Plus, if your submission is selected, you get $50 and your track will automatically be accepted to the Indaba Music Licensing Catalog.

This Week’s Brief: Compose a blood-pumping score for this snowboarding footage.

If your composition is one of the 10 selected, you could put your $50 toward a 1-Year Pro Membership (so you can enter all the Opportunities you want).

How to Enter:

  • Create an instrumental score that fits the video posted above.
  • You may download the video from the “Source Tracks” for reference.
  • Submit an audio file of your score. You do not need to submit a video file.

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Get Your Music Placed in a TV Series

Current TV, brainchild of former Vice President Al Gore, has always been on the cutting edge of media. Originally conceived as INdTV back in 2004, the aim was to create TV programs based on user generated content.

Now, Current TV calls on you, the Indaba member, to make music for the show “Bar Karma” in their new Indaba powered opportunity. Current is looking for a two minute cue  representing the transitional college atmosphere of America in the 1960′s. If your piece is selected, you will receive an on-screen credit, and your music will be played during the March 11th episode of “Bar Karma”.

So, put your TV scoring hats on and create some amazing music for the show’s producers to pick from!

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Re-Work Steve Reich to Win $500 and a Signed Score!

New Contest!

Steve Reich ContestWhen Nonesuch Records suggested that we run a program with master composer Steve Reich, we were head-over-heels excited. Not everyday does an opportunity arise to work with material from one of the most important composers of the last 60 years. The body of work put out by Steve Reich has been so compelling, it’s incited legions of new composers to re-think the traditional model of creation.

Now it’s your chance to take truly world-class material and see what you can do.

If you win, you’ll have $500, a signed album and a signed Pulitzer Prize-winning score.  You’ll also get to enjoy the benefits of a 1 year Platinum Membership to Indaba. But most important, you’ll have the respect (and attention) of Steve Reich.

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