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Winner’s Interview with Katey Laurel

Denver-based Folk-pop songstress Katey Laurel crafts both radio-friendly pop tunes and lush, cinematic songs destined for film and TV. We’re sending Katey a big, loving, Indaba type hug for her win in the Indaba Valentine’s Day Opportunity.

Katey was kind enough to take some time to speak with us about love, music, and Indaba Music. Haven’t heard her winning track? Check it out below!

We hope you share the love!

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Remix Daft Punk’s TRON: Legacy Soundtrack to Win $1,000, an iPad 2, KCRW Feature and More!

Remix the royalty of dance music, Daft Punk, off their recent soundtrack TRON: Legacy. After several years of crafting the score with the London Symphony at their beck and call, the robotic duo Daft Punk has crafted a masterpiece. Now, it’s your turn to make their masterpiece your masterpiece.

Enter the TRON: Legacy Reconfigured Opportunity for a chance to win $1,000, a feature on the world famous KCRW, an iPad 2, a TRON: Legacy Official Soundtrack boxed set, and a potential release by Walt Disney Records.

This will be epic.

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2 New Opportunities to Get Your Music on the Radio

As Pandora slowly wiggles into all facets of music, several internet radio alternatives have risen to give the juggernaut a run for its money. Two of these new services are Jelli and Jango.

From Indaba member submissions, 35 songs will be selected to be played on this one-of-kind, fan driven radio. The top 10 will get special featureson Jelli’s website.

Submit to get heard in our monthly opportunity!

About Jelli:
Jelli is a user generated radio based on their recommendation engine. In other words, if the Jelli listeners like a particular song, that song will be given more weight on the radio station. Jelli also ties into terrestrial radio across the United States, feeding tracks that have performed well on their online radio.

From all the submissions, one Grand Prize Winner will be given 8,000 free spins on Jango, while 3 judges’ picks will receive 1,000 free spins.

Submit to win several thousand spins at Jango’s “Radio Ready” opportunity!

About Jango:
Jango, like Pandora, allows users to create custom radio stations, and also allows for you connect with friends and see what they are listening to. Their emerging artist platform, called Jango Airplay, allows musicians to get their music spun on users custom radios by purchasing spins. As a promotional tool it’s very effective—with 7 million users, there are plenty of ears to reach.

As an Indaba artist you can set up a ‘Jango Airplay’ account and receive 100 Guaranteed Spins on Jango.com for FREE. Click HERE to GET STARTED!

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Indaba Music Wants to Showcase Your Music!

Recently we redesigned Indaba’s YouTube channel to make it a little less drab and a whole lot more spiffy. Now we want to start featuring your content!

Each week we will be selecting one video to spotlight on our YouTube channel. In order to submit your video for consideration, go to our video opportunity and share a link to your video on the discussion board.

We’re looking for all types of musical content, including: Live shows, music videos, solo performances—anything music related. However, be sure that you own the copyright to all included material, or else your video will not be considered.

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Original Jazz Opportunity with AllAboutJazz.com

All About Jazz has been the internet’s authority on Jazz music for many years. Droves of readers have flocked to the homepage, eager to gobble up the latest music or the most recent interview. With the edition of user generated profiles and the consistent reviews of new artists, the website has earned a unique place in the hearts and minds of jazz fans the world over.

Opportunity: All About Jazz now presents you with an incredible career boost. Each month in 2011, All About Jazz will pick one Indaba member for a two week feature on the site. If selected, you will have a significant presence on the AAJ homepage, an article written about your music, and your track will be made a featured download for the many jazz fans who visit the site each day.

Submit your music now if you think you have what it takes to cut through the competition!

- Rick

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