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Indaba Interview with Neon Feather: Look Out World!

Neon Feather, you’ve won the Grand Prize in 3 separate contests. We’re amazed! Can you talk a bit about how your life has changed since your success on Indaba, if at all?
It really is ridiculous to me, the idea of three wins. I don’t know about life change, but it’s definitely facilitated the purchase of some not-so-cheap equipment and software that I now view as indispensable. While I don’t believe that buying gratuitous amounts of gear is going to improve a person’s sound nearly as much as dedicated creativity with limited resources, there were a few very necessary purchases that I’m seriously blessed to have been able to fund with the prize money. As for exposure, I know it has gotten my name out to artists, labels and music-listeners, so that’s awesome and I’m thankful for it.

The community has quoted you as being a “pioneer in the world of electronic music. His remixes will spark your imagination and alter what you believe is possible in music. Look out world, Neon Feather’s headed your way!” and “….simply a “music wizard”. sorry, no words…only, the best producer.” Do you have a response to the amazing amount of recognition?
I really don’t know what to say, haha. I feel incredibly honored. Continue reading

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