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Winner’s Interview with Kostia

Kostia Rapoport is an accomplished musician and student of music (this young composer studied contemporary composition at the HMT Hannover university, did a residency at the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing and at the CNSM, in Paris) so it was no surprise to us when he won the Collect Call Metric Contest!

Kostia composes digitally influenced music for movies, theatre, sound installations and radio in Berlin. Check out how he remixed his way to the top in the interview below!

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Winner’s Interview with Daniel Clarke

Front row seats have a certain allure, one of status, importance, and power. We are sending a special congratulations to Daniel Clarke for his front row worthy remix!

Not only has Daniel taken the lead in our Metric Front Row Opportunity but he also managed to receive an honorable mention for his unexpected music box variation of Collect Call.

Check out the awesome interview we had with this Rock Star below:

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Winner’s Interview with TrashTalk

Not even one year into his account with Indaba Music, Trash Talk is getting some serious attention from the community after winning our “Gimme Sympathy” Metric Opportunity.

He’s been called “off the chain” and “fantastic” by our users and you can meet the man himself in our Winner’s Interview below!

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Winner’s Interview with Maur Due & Lichter

Hailing from Vienna, Austria, Maur Due & Lichter took Metric’s “Sick Muse” and created a beautiful, melt-your-heart love song.

Taking Emily’s lead, they embarked on a journey, recording all new guitar tracks and taking 1st place in our “Sick Muse” Metric Opportunity.

We LOVE this team and can’t wait to see what they do next! Check out the exciting interview we had with the pair below…
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Winner’s Interview with Ben Brown




It isn’t often that we see 7:37 minute long remixes on Indaba Music, especially those that take the 1st place position in our Remix Opportunities. With unique synth lines and a thoughtful, suspenseful build, Ben Brown put his 7 years experience Djing in Chicago to good use!

Check out what this Pro had to say in our Winner’s Interview!

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