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Colton Schweitzer + Matisyahu

Sometimes it feels like there is no one listening.  You pour your heart into your submission and with great pride you share it with your fans and friends. Yet, despite its awesomeness, it gets lost in the mass shuffle of the interwebs—never to be heard again.  Ok, that’s a little dramatic, but it sure feels good to know that someone is appreciating you work.  Even better?  When it’s Matisyahu who is appreciating your work.

Colton Schweitzer is a student at the University of Washington with a passion for making music.  As an Indaba member for over a year now, Colton has submitted to 5 remix contests but it was not until the Matisyahu “Live Like A Warrior” remix contest opportunity that he received the acknowledgement he’d been looking for.   Colton writes, “I found out from another participant in the competition that Matisyahu himself had posted about my remix on Facebook. At the time, I was at work and I was having an awful day where everything seemed to be going wrong… I was immediately ecstatic.

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VIDEO: Opportunities You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Have you ever wanted to collaborate with a famous artist like Weezer or Yo-Yo Ma? Have you dreamt of mastering your track in the personal studio of an artist like Peter Gabriel? Have you wished your remix would be released on a major label alongside bands like Linkin Park or Metric? Have you desired to chill with Xzibit in Los Angeles?  The list goes on…

We make sure that every contest we run provides opportunities you won’t find anywhere else.  Whether it’s the chance to work with the stems from a world famous recording artist or a needed career boost, opportunities on Indaba are unparalleled.

Watch this video and see what it’s all about. Enjoy!

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