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“The Sea In Between” Trailer Goes Live!

Over the past few months we’ve been working tirelessly on assembling all the music and footage from our trip to Mayne Island with Josh Garrels last summer. As you might know, the fruit of that trip will be a feature-length documentary: The Sea In Between. The film will explore Josh’s hand-built career, the process of collaborating on Mayne Island, and the challenges and rewards of being an artist in the 21st century. Today we are happy to share the trailer for the film with you:


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Finding Identity as an Electronic Musician

Here’s another post from the amazing guys over at Mason Jar Music!

Creating a unique identity and sound is a crucial step to becoming an artist, but it is one often overlooked by electronic musicians. Sometimes it’s helpful to look to other disciplines for insights in to one’s own, so I wanted to share some ideas I’ve had that are influenced by the way composers and instrumentalists in jazz and classical music work to develop their individuality. This process is different for everyone (by definition) but these are some thoughts that have helped me as I try to develop my sound. Continue reading

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Approaching Drum/Percussion Tracking with a Producer’s Mindset

Listen up, drummers! Here’s a fantastic article by the percussionist producer in our new Artist In Residence, Mason Jar Music. Continue reading

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