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Winner’s Interview with Ben Crea

This we know about Ben Crea: He’s a Marcy Playground expert*, he almost died while writing this interview, and because he won“Sex and Candy,” he’s flying to Toronto to meet (and hug?) John Wozniak.

*last year, the band released an entire album of Indaba remixesincluding Ben’s “Gin and Money.”

Check out the interview he had with Alex.
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Marcy Playground and VH1 Discuss Indaba Remix Album

Well, this is cool…Enjoy!

Listen to the winning remixes: http://www.indabamusic.com/opportunities/sex-and-candy/

Watch Marcy Playground on VH1:

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The Best of Indaba: 2010

2010 was quite an Indaba year. In this post we would like to take you on a journey through it. So read on as we take you through some of the most exciting and interesting things that have happened to Indaba over the past 365 days:

In sweltering heat we sat at our computers. Josh and Ryan were cutting holes in the wall in order to ensure adequate ventilation for the air conditioning. We hadn’t been outside in well over 72 hours. Our third floor loft had been transformed from a place of abundant joy to a sweat lodge. Yet, our vision quest was close to complete; we could taste the excitement of post-launch as we listened hopefully to the New York City ice cream truck sirens. It was launch day. A year’s worth of ideas would soon be unleashed on the unsuspecting world. As Jim powered on the development team’s proton packs, readying a power surge equivalent to that of a nuclear explosion’s radiant heat whilst deploying the new site, we felt a calm as if at the center of the storm where we could brace ourselves for this huge change. We were looking backward to what we had accomplished and forward to what we would, all in a single moment.  This is what we saw:

New Site Redesign

August, 2010:

The redesign is wildly successful.

New Look…

Our site is transformed into the future home of music. The look and feel is more fluid than the former website, and the underlying chat system enables lines of communication previously unavailable on audio creation sites.

More Features…

Facilitation of content creation is paramount. To help serve the information age’s new stream of audio content, Platinum Members now have the ability to store up to 50 gigabytes of data in their Media Libraries. Also, our online DAW has evolved from the adolescent “Session Console 2.0″ into the more matured “Mantis”, a cloud-based audio solution for fledgling musicians. Mantis harnesses the power of state-of-the-art internet technology to record audiophile quality sound directly to the invisible internet cloud. It embodies what Nostradamus would call “magic”, what Pope Gregory would call “opus diaboli“, but is what we call “progress”.

Music Sales Tools…

On top of all this, those Premium Members who have created things on (or off) Indaba have the freedom to distribute their art throughout the world from our newly developed sales page. From here they can upload to iTunes for free or distribute via our newly created indaba.me store widgets. The democratization of music is essentially complete.

Sheet Music and Video Lessons…

Members now have the ability to buy sheet music and video lessons all in one place. Anything in the libraries of our partners Alfred and Hal Leonard is only a few clicks away.

Introducing, the Opportunity Marketplace

November 23, 2010

Opportunity strikes….

The launch of our Opportunity Marketplace ushers in a new experience for music creators.  It includes both remix and original song opportunities that can be not only fun but also career driving.  We launch, in quick succession, opportunities with Jimmy Tamborello, Sleigh Bells, Marcy Playground, Ace of Base, and John Legend.  Weeks later we launched an opportunity with Banshee Music and Concord Music Group that lets you submit original music to be played in sports stadiums across the country AND get a publishing deal with cash advance. Continue reading

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VIDEO: Opportunities You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Have you ever wanted to collaborate with a famous artist like Weezer or Yo-Yo Ma? Have you dreamt of mastering your track in the personal studio of an artist like Peter Gabriel? Have you wished your remix would be released on a major label alongside bands like Linkin Park or Metric? Have you desired to chill with Xzibit in Los Angeles?  The list goes on…

We make sure that every contest we run provides opportunities you won’t find anywhere else.  Whether it’s the chance to work with the stems from a world famous recording artist or a needed career boost, opportunities on Indaba are unparalleled.

Watch this video and see what it’s all about. Enjoy!

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