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Julia – Song Analysis

Arguably the most influential pop songwriters in recent history, the Beatles satisfy listeners all across the world with their messages of free love and free imagination… I dare say they are Super Hippies. Their songwriting contains a beautiful mix of characters and some very original ideas. One of my personal favorites is “Julia” from The White Album. It showcases two of their major compositional strengths: voice leading and advanced harmony. I’m going to go ahead and jump into an analysis of the tune. I did an arrangement for my brass band a few months ago and I really fell in love with some of the little tricks in this composition. Check out last week’s blog on Modal Interchange if you’d like also. Learning a little about that topic will help to explain its use in this song. Continue reading

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3 Part Vocal Harmonies – Fleet Foxes

Creating 3 Part Folk Harmonies – “White Winter Hymnal” by Fleet Foxes

Maybe we aren’t all born singers, but that can’t stop us from learning the tricks to their awesome harmonies. Transcribing your favorite vocal chords will help add sounds to your writing palate and also give you an appreciation for the nuts and bolts of the folk sound.

The same possibilities for harmonization apply when writing in any style and for all instruments. These harmonizing techniques can also be used by accompaniment musicians (guitar/piano) to create solid melodies in their chord voicings. Continue reading

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