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Feature Interview: Vuk Lazar

Vuk Lazar (a.k.a. VukMaster) is a Canadian singer-songwriter and producer who joined Indaba Music back in the Summer of ’09. Not even 2 years into the world of online collaboration, Vuk has made his presence known to the Indaba community through his great music and positive engagement. With thoughtful lyrics, a dynamic voice, and production experience under his belt, Vuk has had great success by simply being an active member of Indaba Music.

Though he had little knowledge of remixing prior to joining the site, Vuk found friends and guidance through our Online Sessions and Opportunities, eventually earning several Indaba badges and general accolades. We’re very excited to share the 2nd of our Featured Interviews with you!

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Indaba Releases Party Album “Drop the Bass: Original Music from Nightclub City”

The bass has been dropped, the club is now bumping. Thanks to the ferocious beats of 10 intrepid Indaba members, Nightclub City can now drop it like its hot, and millions of Facebook nightclub owners have an incredible playlist with which to stoke the bump and grind.

Now, turn your own house into a nightclub with the newly released Drop the Bass: Original Music From Nightclub City. We’ve handpicked the most club-worthy tracks and have compiled them for you on a sound system shattering release.

Suggested Use: Mind-blowingly, dance-tastic party situations.
Warning:  This album will render you incapable of sitting still.

Purchase the album through Indaba or iTunes today!

Listen to all the submissions on the original opportunity page.

- Rick

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