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Indaba Music Valentine’s Day EP

What’s love got to do with it? Everything. Be sure to check out this Indaba Valentine’s EP on iTunes as a last minute gift for the music lover in your life!

Congratulations to the talented Indaba Music members that made the cut from the Valentine’s Day Songwriting Contest: Jori King, Jonnie Allen, Valentina Mitzk, Ben Marino, Johnny Rain, and Miss Mercury.

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Get Your Holiday EP!

It’s the holidays!  Time to celebrate – and what better way to celebrate than with music?

This year we produced an EP of classic holiday covers to spice up the season. Hear some of the most famous holiday tunes, re-imagined for 2011 with a mix of rock, electronic and pop.

Hear it on iTunes >



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Get Your Music in the World’s #1 Music Store

Want to make money by selling your music but don’t know where to start? Have no fear! Indaba Music has a direct relationship with iTunes and lets you keep 100% of your earnings and all your rights.

Facts Worth Knowing:

  • Indaba Pro Members can submit 15 songs for free each year while Platinum Members can submit 50 (sell more songs at $2/song).

For more info, watch our video on how to distribute your music to iTunes and create your own personalized online store. Sell digital and physical albums and songs directly to your fans.

Start selling your music in a few minutes with Indaba Music from Indaba Music on Vimeo

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3 Indaba Members Released by Nonesuch Records!

It’s not every day that Indaba members are released by one of the most famous and well respected record labels in the world. April 22nd just happened to be one of those days. We are excited and incredibly proud to announce that the composer known as the single most influential composer of his time has released not one, not two, but three Indaba members on his most recent EP, Reich: 2×5 (Remixed).

The music released was the result of our Steve Reich Opportunity in the fall of 2010, and now it has all come together! We hope you enjoy the amazing music and support the huge talent it took to win this Opportunity. Downloads are available exclusively on iTunes.

Check it out on iTunes >>

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Feature Interview: Colin “Bonny Blue Hare” Edwards

The tunes on Swing the Circle are clever.  The collection contains works written, performed, and produced entirely by Indaba Music members.  Headed up by Colin “Bonny Blue Hare” Edwards from Aberdeen, Scotland, Swing the Circle centers around jazz songs, oscillating between smooth soul and big band swing.

The 19 collaborators hail from all over the globe. But, based on the cohesion of the record, you’d think they were all in the same room. It’s a showcase of obvious talent. Colin’s complex compositions challenge his audience intellectually, while maintaining an effortless feel and enjoyable listening experience. Greg Pappas (who also moonlights as a speed painter) writes and sings tracks that swing hard.  He pipes out witty lyrics in a husky croon with note-worthy confidence. Ira Jackson’s soulful contributions are smooth, smart, and tastefully done.  It’s great to hear skilled musicians and Indaba stand-bys like Cliff – SaxUtopia, Lulu M, David Minnick and many others strut their stuff in this more traditional setting.  We sat down with Colin Edwards to talk about the project.

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