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Wanted: Holiday Music

It’s almost that time of year – when stores start blasting Christmas music, the radio lights up with holiday classics, and decorations are abundant everywhere you go.

Each holiday season, musicians have the chance to get paid for commercial placements of their holiday covers or original music.

Several companies have already approached us in need of holiday songs as soon as possible and we know you’re just the musicians for the job! Check out this special holiday opportunity and find out more about what we’re looking for below.

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Feature Interview: Vuk Lazar

Vuk Lazar (a.k.a. VukMaster) is a Canadian singer-songwriter and producer who joined Indaba Music back in the Summer of ’09. Not even 2 years into the world of online collaboration, Vuk has made his presence known to the Indaba community through his great music and positive engagement. With thoughtful lyrics, a dynamic voice, and production experience under his belt, Vuk has had great success by simply being an active member of Indaba Music.

Though he had little knowledge of remixing prior to joining the site, Vuk found friends and guidance through our Online Sessions and Opportunities, eventually earning several Indaba badges and general accolades. We’re very excited to share the 2nd of our Featured Interviews with you!

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Get on Indaba’s First Holiday Release!

New Contest!

Ah, the holidays. Nothing screams nostalgia as loud as they do. Whether you recall sitting by the fire listening to Bing Crosby or putting up festive lights on the palm tree outside, we all have our favorite holiday memories.

But, that is a different memory than the one we’re about to create. Today’s world is the world of the iPad, the internet and artists like Lil’ Wayne and Daft Punk. We’re going to release a whole new kind of holiday album. Leave the traditions behind and take a whole new spin on these timeless holiday classics.
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