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Employee Interview: Getting to Know Ryan

Ryan Roberts is the savior of the Indaba office…partially because he makes the coffee every morning. But in all seriousness, we’d be lost without Ryan as our Operations Manager. He’s in charge of lots of things, including getting prizes from the people who launch Opportunities to the people who win – so you’d be lost without him, too! Like many of us here, he’s also a musician. Click to learn about Ryan and read his tips for launching a successful gigging band. Continue reading

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Getting to Know Jim

You know that co-worker who has a knack for finding terrible photos that you’ve been tagged in on Facebook before you can take them down, then shares them with the rest of the office? The one who, upon hearing that you’re from New Jersey, speaks to you only in references from The Jersey Shore? And for some unknown reason he also holds a very special place in his heart for Bette Midler?

Meet Jim Bishop. Vice President of Engineering, New York City DJ and office clown, jokester, prankster, and living proof of what an English Degree can do for you…

We asked Katie Smith to find out what inspires Jim to DJ and how he’s kicking butt at Indaba one keyboard stroke at a time.

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Getting to Know Josh

Don’t recognize this smiling face? It belongs to Josh. At Indaba, he oversees the launch of all our Opportunities & Contests and is responsible for turning the idea of an Indaba Licensing Catalog into reality.

He’s a busy guy, but I managed to pull him away from his work for a hot minute to talk about how he got started at Indaba and get the scoop on the licensing program.  Continue reading

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