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VIDEO: Drivepilot’s Live Performance at ID Festival

Most of you became familiar with Drivepilot when he won the Grand Prize title (and loads of cool prizes) in our Identity Festival Contest. With many successes and career opportunities ahead of him, we wanted to keep the Indaba community updated every step of the way! Check out the video above and photos below to see him perform LIVE at the 2011 Identity Festival tour.

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Win a Home Studio and DJ Spot in Las Vegas Club

Legendary DJs spin in Las Vegas day and night. Now, Las Vegas is partnering with Indaba to give you the chance to shine in this hot club scene. Remix Mona’s “Listen to Your Love” and you could win a guest DJ spot at one of the clubs and a complete home studio! Seven lucky finalists will be selected to compete live in the Vegas Spin-Off.

Curious to see who the judges are? Check back soon for the announcement of our mystery judges!

Listen to the hottest tracks on Visit Las Vegas’ Facebook page.

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Want to be Indaba Music’s Office DJ?

Ever wonder what the Indaba staff is listening to around the office? Well, we’re addicted to Turntable.fm. Hear what our DJs are spinning! CLICK & LISTEN

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Winner’s Interview with James Martin Nelson

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, James Martin Nelson is one of our latest Metric Opportunity Winners and a recent addition to Indaba Music. He’s only recently learned about our community so if you’re interested in collaborating, act now! With that kind of talent, he’s likely to get snatched up fast! James likes archaic wind instruments, death metal, and Mountain Dew. Learn more in this Winner’s Interview!
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DJ PM comes to Indaba Music

There is a new Artist In Residence in town – DJ PM! He is going to be sharing his knowledge of the world of DJing and what it takes to be an up and coming DJ in the industry today.

Be sure to check in on a weekly basis to stay up to date with DJ PM as he takes you on a great journey to better understand the world of DJing!

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