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Over 30 Indaba Members Collaborate on the Upanishad Project

Dale Crowley started the Upanishad Project in early 2010 with an Indaba group. The goal was to produce an album based on the 12 principal Upanishads – ancient philisophical texts that show how deeply we are all connected to one another and to the universe. There couldn’t have been a better place for such a project than the global community on Indaba. Over 30 Indaba members were involved in the creation of 13 awesome songs! Continue reading

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Indaba Members Form Band and Gain Exposure

While searching for the next batch of Indaba members to feature on this week’s Grooveshark Breakthrough Radio, we stumbled upon Suntalk. Not only is this band good, but they met and created music using Indaba. Want to learn how they did it? Continue reading

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Future Fluxus Event at the Donaufestival

Check out this modern and unconventional Indaba collaboration that combines audio and music with art from an interactive digital world.

An image from "Pins" that features the Indaba Waveform.

Two of our users, Misprint and Ulf have collaborated on a project that is part of the Future Fluxus event in Austria’s Donaufestival. Their piece, “Pins”, is an audio-visual work that features interactive digital art and will be featured at Future Fluxus as a virtual performance. Artists such as Sonic Youth, Aphex Twin, Rufus Wainwright, Peaches, James Blake have performed at the Donaufestival in the past.

You can learn more about Future Fluxus here: http://www.futurefluxus.org/node/8

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Remix Jason Reeves to Win $500 and a Collaboration

Jason Reeves has co-written songs with multiple artists including Lenka’s “The Show” and Colbie Caillat’s “Bubbly” and “Realize” and now, you have a chance to collaborate with this three-time ASCAP Pop Award winner!

He’s releasing his first full-length album The Lovesick this summer and he’s challenging you to remix his single “Sticks & Stones”. If you’ve got what it takes to create a winning remix, you could win $500, a signed lyric sheet by Jason, an Indaba Pro membership, and a collaboration with Jason on a new song!

Enter Now >>

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