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Get on Indaba’s First Holiday Release!

New Contest!

Ah, the holidays. Nothing screams nostalgia as loud as they do. Whether you recall sitting by the fire listening to Bing Crosby or putting up festive lights on the palm tree outside, we all have our favorite holiday memories.

But, that is a different memory than the one we’re about to create. Today’s world is the world of the iPad, the internet and artists like Lil’ Wayne and Daft Punk. We’re going to release a whole new kind of holiday album. Leave the traditions behind and take a whole new spin on these timeless holiday classics.
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Remix KT Tunstall to Win $1,000 and a Mic From Blue!

New Contest!

Since 2004, KT Tunstall has been making some serious waves in the British and American music scenes. Her confident voice and keen songwriting ability has earned her awards, accolades, multi-platinum sales, and fame. Her latest album Tiger Suit features a new sound and some very interesting songs.

Now, she has released the stems for her new single “Fade Like a Shadow” for your remixing pleasure. So, summon up all of your creative juices and let the music flow. You’ll win $1,000 and a Baby Bottle Microphone from Blue Microphones, plus features on all her official websites and a 2 month Platinum Membership to Indaba.

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VIDEO: Opportunities You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Have you ever wanted to collaborate with a famous artist like Weezer or Yo-Yo Ma? Have you dreamt of mastering your track in the personal studio of an artist like Peter Gabriel? Have you wished your remix would be released on a major label alongside bands like Linkin Park or Metric? Have you desired to chill with Xzibit in Los Angeles?  The list goes on…

We make sure that every contest we run provides opportunities you won’t find anywhere else.  Whether it’s the chance to work with the stems from a world famous recording artist or a needed career boost, opportunities on Indaba are unparalleled.

Watch this video and see what it’s all about. Enjoy!

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