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Fun Way to Earn $50 Every Week

The Weekly Brief is a brand new program we’ve launched to test and reward your music-making skills. Every Wednesday we will announce a new creative brief, so if you’re not interested in this week’s, just wait 7 days!

Plus, if your submission is selected, you get $50 and your track will automatically be accepted to the Indaba Music Licensing Catalog.

This Week’s Brief: Compose a blood-pumping score for this snowboarding footage.

If your composition is one of the 10 selected, you could put your $50 toward a 1-Year Pro Membership (so you can enter all the Opportunities you want).

How to Enter:

  • Create an instrumental score that fits the video posted above.
  • You may download the video from the “Source Tracks” for reference.
  • Submit an audio file of your score. You do not need to submit a video file.

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Remix Jason Reeves to Win $500 and a Collaboration

Jason Reeves has co-written songs with multiple artists including Lenka’s “The Show” and Colbie Caillat’s “Bubbly” and “Realize” and now, you have a chance to collaborate with this three-time ASCAP Pop Award winner!

He’s releasing his first full-length album The Lovesick this summer and he’s challenging you to remix his single “Sticks & Stones”. If you’ve got what it takes to create a winning remix, you could win $500, a signed lyric sheet by Jason, an Indaba Pro membership, and a collaboration with Jason on a new song!

Enter Now >>

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Remix Paul Simon for $5,000+ in Cash and Gear Prizes

Ever wanted to work with the sounds of a master songwriter?  Now is your chance. Paul Simon has spent decades as a celebrated artist and we’re incredibly excited to have his music right here on Indaba. His recent release So Beautiful Or So What, Rolling Stone calls, “…his best album since 1990′s The Rhythm of the Saints…”.

You’ve been given the stems to the single, ”Love Is Eternal Sacred Light”, so give it your best! In return, you could win $1,000, Audio-Technica mics and headphones and Indaba Platinum Memberships.

Enter Now >>

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Blue Microphones Songwriting Competition – Win Cash and a Trip to Record in L.A.

Hey Indaba! Our intrepid partners in audio crime, Blue Microphones, have just launched a songwriting competition and want you to enter the best songs you can possibly write. Since this is a songwriting competition, we’re looking for complete material with lyrics.

If the A&R experts at Indaba and Blue deem your song worthy, you could be flying out to L.A. for a day of studio time in the Blue Studio and touring the Blue factory. Plus, collect $1,000 cash and 10,000 online radio spins for some serious exposure on Jango Airplay. Put those creative caps on, grab your note book and manuscript paper, and get writing!

Deadline to Submit: February 8th at 5 PM EST

- Rick

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Remix The Hours to Win Over $6,000 in Prizes

Remix The Hours for Over $6,000 in PrizesHave you heard? British indie rockers The Hours are offering what could be the coolest merch we have ever heard of. Famed (corrected: VERY FAMED) modern visual artist Damien Hirst not only created art for their release but also provided a signed lithograph as part of the Grand Prize for the best remix. This rare lithograph has been valued at up to $8,000 USD.  Even non-art fans can appreciate that price tag…

And if that’s not enough you could also win the complete catalogue including signed records and a ton of other band merch.

Download the stems and get the remix juices flowing.

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