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Technology’s Impact on Distributing Music

Those of us born before the new millennium probably remember camping outside of a music store like Sam Goody or Tower Records waiting for a new album by their favorite artist to be released at midnight. Back then, it was hard to imagine shopping for merchandise from the comfort of your home. Continue reading

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3 Part Vocal Harmonies – Fleet Foxes

Creating 3 Part Folk Harmonies – “White Winter Hymnal” by Fleet Foxes

Maybe we aren’t all born singers, but that can’t stop us from learning the tricks to their awesome harmonies. Transcribing your favorite vocal chords will help add sounds to your writing palate and also give you an appreciation for the nuts and bolts of the folk sound.

The same possibilities for harmonization apply when writing in any style and for all instruments. These harmonizing techniques can also be used by accompaniment musicians (guitar/piano) to create solid melodies in their chord voicings. Continue reading

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Glasschord Art & Culture Magazine

It’s been a busy year and one of my most exciting undertakings has been the incredible Glasschord Art & Culture Magazine. Published online monthly, this magazine displays art in all mediums including paintings, photos, videos, writing, and yes, music. As music editor I have had the pleasure of seeking out compositions from legends like Bill Laswell, John Zorn, and Joel Thome as well as contemporary composers including Du Yun, Tod Machover, and Micah Frank. Fellow Indaba Artist In Residence, Eric Maltz, also contributed a piece to the Idolatry issue. Continue reading

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Copyright and the Music Industry

By Kamal Moo, Esq.

If you’re a musician who’s serious about your work, it’s essential to have a basic understanding of copyright law and how it can protect you. This article is intended to provide a brief overview of copyright and how, from a practical standpoint, it impacts songwriters, recording artists and the music industry in general. Continue reading

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Finding Identity as an Electronic Musician

Here’s another post from the amazing guys over at Mason Jar Music!

Creating a unique identity and sound is a crucial step to becoming an artist, but it is one often overlooked by electronic musicians. Sometimes it’s helpful to look to other disciplines for insights in to one’s own, so I wanted to share some ideas I’ve had that are influenced by the way composers and instrumentalists in jazz and classical music work to develop their individuality. This process is different for everyone (by definition) but these are some thoughts that have helped me as I try to develop my sound. Continue reading

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