The Bridget Davis Listening Party

Bridget Davis of Bridget Davis and the Viking Kings will be in the Indaba offices on Thursday, April 17th to join us in an online Bridget Davis listening party. Can I get a whoop whoop? Great, thanks.

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Radical Academy + Hollywood Undead + K’NAAN

Let’s be honest… looking for a job sucks. As a musician, all you want to do is focus on making music, but the next thing you know, you’re promoting more than you’re playing and it feels like Rick Ross wrote “Everyday I’m Hustling” about your professional life. It’s easy to think, “Hey, I’m talented! Why can’t a job come looking for me?” Well, through opportunities on, it can. Just ask Radical Academy

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Akira Katani’s “Mundane Moon” Music Video

Want to see a Buddha Mantis smack someone? Then you’ve come to the right place.

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Dale Crowley + Pensado’s Place

It is often said that to improve at your craft, you need to work with people who are better than you. Sure, it feels good being the top dog in your small town pee wee league, but let’s be honest, to be the best, you need to play with the best. Some of us go to music school to continue our musical progress, some collaborate with more experienced players, while othersenter opportunities on Indaba Music.

Dale Crowley, a life long musician and composer, chose the latter path. An active member of the Indaba Music community, Dale has participated in over 50 opportunities—even winning a handful of them over the years! Despite Dale’s past “wins”, it was his recent “losing” effort in the Pensados Place Mixing Contest that had the most profound impact on him among all his opportunity experiences on Indaba music.

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The New And Improved Indaba Sync

In 2013, we ramped up our efforts to get Indaba members music licensed with the launch of Indaba Sync. As a dedicated platform for showcasing the best songs from Indaba Music, over the past year we’ve made hundreds of placements in film, TV, advertisement, and game projects, for clients such as Microsoft, Maybelline, Stylecore, Sonos, GDW, OnStar, and various film projects, earning over $40,000 for our members.

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