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Indaba + Microsoft

Indaba Music has a very important announcement to make– we’re pregnant! Just kidding, websites can’t get pregnant. We are, however, adding to our musical family and we couldn’t be more excited.

Indaba has teamed up with the software and technology experts at Microsoft to partner with them on a new project we think you’re really going to like. When Microsoft recently announced the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, there was one thing that no one saw coming – the announcement of an incredibly cool music creation application, the Surface Remix Project. You can get a free Surface 2 tablet and Music Kit if you are chosen to be a part of the #RemixProject. We have the best community anywhere, so sign up, get in and start remixing.

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New Listening Feature!

Listening Party, the beta feature that we’ve been testing for the last several weeks, has proven to be a fun and often addictive way to hang out and chat with other musicians, while providing meaningful feedback and props to your fellow community members. After much positive feedback, we’ve incorporated this experience into Indaba Opportunities in a more central way. Now, when you arrive at the Opportunity page, you’ll automatically land on the Listen & Vote tab, where you can chat with other members currently online while everyone is listening to the same track AT THE SAME TIME!

Below this picture is a quick rundown of how it works…

Members Only
The new listening party feature is only available for logged in musician members and is meant for meaningful discussion amongst musicians, not just fan comments. It is a way for you to hang out with other musicians, talk about the music being created on Indaba, and vote for your favorite submissions (or skip them!).

Every few minutes, there is a new lottery. When the lottery starts, you can throw your submission (or any submission in that opportunity that you have voted for) into the hat to be played next. The next song is chosen at random from all those submitted. If no one enters a particular lottery, a random track from the opportunity will play.

If something comes on that you can’t stand to listen to you can click the “Skip” button. If the majority of people currently listening agree with you and also press the “Skip” the next song in the queue will begin to play.

Whether you love this new feature or it makes your want to punch something, be sure to give us feedback here:  It’s the best way to ensure your voice is heard here at Indaba! – See more at:

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New Leaderboard Feature!

At Indaba, you enter an opportunity, stay up night and day creating your masterpiece, make all of your friends, family and fans listen, vote, and praise your talents all over the interwebs. After all that hard work, it’d be nice to know where you stand! How many listens, comments and votes do you have and how does that compare to your fellow musicians? Well, now you have access to all of that information in 1 convenient place– the Leaderboards.

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New Voting Feature!

Voting can be a fun way to promote your music and encourage your friends, family and fans to interact with your latest creation. “Vote for me, Mom!” But we’ve also heard from many of you that you are more interested in what other community members think of your submission.  As a first step towards making musicians’ feedback a more central part of the Indaba experience, we now enable you to see how many of your votes are coming from other community members.

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Original Song Opportunity With Waves & JJP

Waves and Indaba Music have teamed up again to bring you an original song contest, but this time, adding Jack Joseph Puig, Grammy-Award winning music engineer and producer, to the mix.

These two musical titans have joined forces to provide stellar digital replications of the Fairchild compressor and the Pultec EQs, and now they’ve come together to offer the Jack Joseph Puig Signature Series Collection, a brand new way to mix.

Now Waves, Jack Joseph Puig, and Indaba Music want you to show off your creativity. Submit your original music and you could win $500, a bunch of Waves software, and a video chat with Jack Joseph Puig.

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