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Coming Home



Teekers of the world!!! How are you all!! Been crazy busy on projects and finally have some time in between projects to get a teek out! Working on a couple of projects with JSTYLZ of Blackstreet and Producer Frank Delour on some Hip-Hop material. We got a great song to teek today by Marcus B. the name of the tune is “THINK TWICE” let’s go check it out!!

INTRO: Love the percussion special effect sound in the very beginning that you used for like a click. Now the acoustic guitar and vocals start. I LOVE your voice!! It reminds me of this band I know called, “this day and age” They do not exist anymore but I loved the band. You should look them up and you would know what I’m talking about. The recording quality is very good. Your vocal is pure and clean, it sounds like you are using a very good mic pre. The drums in the background are very suttle and low. This is very cool for the intro (great beat!) You are introducing the main foundation of the song slowly but surely. This is very good so far.

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SONG: Higher Louder


What’s Up Indaba TEEKERS??? Hope all is well with all of you. Last week I went to a  VERTICAL HORIZON Concert here in Long Island New York. They had a couple of hits in the 90’s Like “Everything You Want” and “You’re a God” The lead singer Matt Scannell is a very talented lead guitar player as well a good lead singer. He is also the main writer. The band sounded really tight and professional but I think the drummer had either the wrong snare drum on the gig or the sound man did not put the right effect on it, because it sounded very dead like. All in all they were very good and they have very catchy songs. Ok lets get on to some TEEKING!! This week we are going to teek a cool song called “higher louder” by member VLAD P. Let’s check it out!

INTRO: Cool introduction of the guitar lick that will be the dominant roll on this tune. The single note keyboard synth sounds just touches the guitar lick very nicely. Nice Job. Nice compressed with phase guitar effect.

1st VERSE: What a cool scuffle funk groove. The bass line is very cool and the drive is great. I love that you do this with just 2 chords. The rhythm of the melody is good also. It reminds me of Dire Straits and Dave Mathews put together. Recording is very clean and professional. I’ve teeked your material in the past and you were always very professional in the way you have done your stuff. Nice Vlad so far!!!

Man I keep on playing this over and over! I’m dancing all over my apartment!! Ok… this is what’s missing so far: HORN SECTION!! Are you kidding me? This groove screams out for horns!!! You’ve got yourself an excellent song but you need to bring it to the next level. (Excuse me while I put the song on again…..) Continue reading

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Coming Home

SONG:02 forever.mp3 FOREVER


Hey teekers!!! Sorry about the delay on a teek last week, but Indaba put this new Beautiful Face for all of us and there was tweeking to be made so I was just given the green light to go ahead and do my thing! I would like to thank the staff working 24/7 on this new face for all of us to enjoy and I think they did a GREAT job!! I thank you all and as always “you guys are the best” Let’s do some TEEKING!! This week I’m going to teek a cool Smooth Jazz tune called “Forever”. Let’s see what Diego has to say with this piece.

INTRO: Great arpeggiated piano chords to start off the song. Nice fender Rhodes type sound, and nice choice of chords.

1st VERSE MELODY: I like the way you started playing this melody. Playing a guitar ballad is not as easy as people think. You really have to have control of your instrument. Diego you have this control that I’m talking about. You start off with this nice clean guitar sound. So far so good. Please listen To Larry Carlton’s album “Last Nite” and the song called “Emotions Wounds Us All” That’s a great example of how to play a guitar Ballad. Continue reading

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Coming Home


The Gravel Road (demo) The Gravel Road

MEMBER: Jake Hansen

Hello Teekers! Hope all of you are writing up a storm and sending in your submissions. I heard a lot of cool stuff and can’t wait to get the chance of teeking them. This week we are going to take listen to “The Gravel Road” By Jake Hansen. Lets see what this tune is all about.

INTRO: I like the vibrato strings in the beginning. The single note melody is also nice and haunting.

1st VERSE: now the acoustic guitar starts in and it sounds like a PETER GABRIEL or PINK FLOYD type of groove. The chords are nice and simple. Eb major to Db major to Bmajor. The melody is a nice chanting type like earlier Peter Gabriel albums.

Chorus: You can tell that you’re in the chorus but definitely needs more instruments to really let the listener know you’re in the chorus. You added some harmonies and the hi-hat, but I think that a nice gong type sound as a bass drum part on the quarter note would have been good to have and also some strings.

2nd VERSE: You drop out the hi-hat and harmonies to let the listener know that you are back in the verse, however you should definitely change the melody a little since it’s the second verse and put some more sounds in there to build the song up. The way it stands now, the song is just doing that “Standing”. You would need to let the song move a little more.

2nd CHORUS: Here you should now be in full force with strings multiple harmonies and drum sounds. This song has so much space you can add almost anything you want. Then you just fade out. Could have done a stop here and there while fading, just one idea of many possibilities.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: This is a good possible song. You wrote a good melody and a good hypnotic but simple chord progression. You made it have a little too much space that can be easily filled in with out cluttering the track. I would like you to try and do some of the couple of things that I suggested and resubmit it. JAKE you have just been TEEKED.

I’ll see you all next week! Happy Music Making!!!


NEW GEAR STUFF: Please check out the new 24 Channel digital mixing console by Presonus. It’s called the STUDIO LIVE 24. It comes with a full recording DAW called STUDIO ONE. It has 10 aux’ and a full parametric EQ on every channel to start with and plenty more. Please go to your local music store and check it out. It’s AMASING!

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Coming Home




I’m so happy to be back!! I want to thank all of you Indaba members for not deleting your songs during this hiatus that I had to take. Things are a lot better now and will be back at doing weekly teeks. I have some great pieces to teek in the weeks to come so keep on sending your stuff. I’m starting up my projects that I left off with and will let you hear them as soon as I’m finished. Lets do some TEEKING! This weeks teek is a song by FELSITE called DIGNITY. These guys are a great pop 80’s type music and I enjoy them a lot.

INTRO: Nice Piano Intro with the right setting for the delay. The hi-hat rolling is a nice little build up. Arpeggiated strings are at a perfect level in the background. It’s a clean recording too so far. Always love your voice. Brings me back to DURAN DURAN and ROXY MUSIC.

CHORUS: You start the song with a pre chorus but not really the main chorus. The drums are really nice. Good programming. The auto tune is used wisely which I like. People out there are over using it and it kills the song!! You guys are using it nicely.

1st VERSE: What I like about you guys is that you leave space on your verses with the vocal. Today’s music is so crowded up in the verses it does not let the music breathe sometimes. The music is breathing on this and it’s a pleasure. You also drop out some instruments to let the listener know that you are in the verse. This is the way to do it guys!! You add in parts as you’re getting close to the chorus. I also like the piano melody before the chorus. This is a typical pop 80’s arrangement and you guys have it down.

2nd CHORUS: Very robotic but catchy chorus, you guys definitely know how to write a chorus, simple and repetitive. I just think that there could have been more instruments in there to make it more powerful. Do not get me wrong, you make a difference so the listener knows that you are in the chorus but I think not enough.

2nd VERSEL: This is cool because you add some harmonies and you change the melody a little. Good job. This is how you write a song. I’m very happy so far guys!! You have definitely been reading my teeks! I love the part that says “scream and shout until your blue in the face” I love the rhythm of that line!!

FINAL CHORUS: This where you should have more strings and vocals like an adlib or counter parts background vocals. You should let it all out! It’s good but not enough!

OVER ALL THOUGHTS: I have to say you guys know what you are doing. You are very professional in every way, vocally, programming, and arranging, but you need to do the little things to get to the next level. You are really close to making it perfect. I also wish this style of music was happening now because you would definitely have a record deal. FELSITE you have just been TEEKED!!! Keep up the good work!! I’ll see you all next week.


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