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Stay Tuned.

Hi Indaba!
Hope all is well. Sorry I have not been able to do a Teek lately. I’ve had some complications with my computer and I’ve been busy with some great work!!
Hopefully I’ll teek you later this week.
Talk Soon,

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Teek of the Week #36

Coming Home

Song: Coming Home

Artist: The Mutiny

Hello TEEKERS!!! You’re sending me lots of great submissions, people! Please keep on sending them. Lots of great things going in the music world too: JAY-Z is going to do a remake of the play “Annie” with Willow Smith… WOW! This is going to be wild! I would like to see what they do with that. In other news, I’m working hard with the Emily Chase project and it’s moving along well! I’ll keep you all up to date when things are ready to rock. Today I have a nice song called “Coming Home” by The Mutiny. Let’s see what they’re up to with this Christmas song!

INTRO: Nice acoustic strumming keyboard sound, nice and clean recording, and nice synth sound in the background. The falsetto vocal is good for the intro and it really captures the listener’s attention. You also add real acoustic guitar to the mix, which compliments the synth acoustic guitar sound nicely. I like the bell sounds, which reminds us that its snowing outside as you say “Looking out the window”

1st CHORUS: This is just a partial chorus but it’s nice. It gives the listener an idea of what this song is about. It reminds me of a simple minds or pet shop boys melody. Very 80’s from England! I happened to like the stuff that came from England more than America in that era. They say that there was an English invasion in the 60’s but in the 80’s there was even a bigger one and I don’t think people recognize that! It was great and I see that songwriters from that part of the world still write in that style. I love it! Your melody and lyrics are nice, just like theirs. Continue reading

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Teek of the Week #35

Coming Home



HEY TEEKERS!!!! I’m BACK!!! Yes, I know it’s been a while but life has been very busy with family and projects. Family is doing much better and the project that I’m working on is Emily Chase. She’s Chevy Chase’s daughter. I’m writing with her and producing the songs. She sounds really good. It’s a pop rock type of project and I’m putting a band together for her very soon so that we can gig in NYC. I’ve been very fortunate to work with a mature and professional 22 year old who knows what she wants!! I’ll let all of you know when we’re playing in NYC after it’s all put together. In the meantime, I really like the submissions that you’ve all sent in and I’m ready to start teeking them each week. I’m excited to be back and will get to your songs as soon as I can! The first one I picked this week is a cool EMO rock type song called, “Bitter Fruits” by Marcus B. Let’s see what’s going on with this song.

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January 19th

Hey Teekers! I hope that this holiday season was an amazing and happy once for each and every one of you.  I’m excited to get teeking in this new year so get ready!.  This January 19th I’ll be coming back, I look forward to hearing what all of you’ve got for me in the new year!

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Just a Little Longer

Coming Home

Hello Teekers,

You have all been sending in some really fantastic tunes and I’m enjoying all of them.  Life has been incredibly hectic lately and I apologize that I haven’t had a teek in a while.  It is still going to be just a little longer but keep your eyes and ears ready we’ve got one coming soon!

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