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CD’s are vintage

Recently a friend of mine gave me a CD, still in the wrapper. Yes, you read correctly… still in the wrapper. Think back to the last time you held an album in your hands. Carefully picking at the folded, stuck down edges, making a slight tear and then and carefully peeling off the clear sheet with the satisfaction of unwrapping that present, that one special present, the night before Christmas. Or perhaps your CD had a long, thin sticker over the side clearly stating the title and artist of your latest acquisition. If you were a true music lover you would be extra careful with that sticker, cracking open the case with an exhilarating snap and replacing the sticker skillfully on the booklet inside.  Continue reading

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Internet killed the Record Store Star

Technology and in particular, the internet has given rise to a new form of artist, one that receives success and popularity with a loyal following of fans without having released a physical copy of the music. No CD’s, no vinyl and in many cases not even a live show or performance to attend. Continue reading

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Songwriting in a Virtual Space

Just a few weeks ago I was scheduled for a songwriting session with my producer and songwriting collaborator, Khari Dandy. We were unable to meet up in the studio to write together and decided to try and share ideas in the comfort of our home studios through a virtual space, in our case Skype. Once we managed to get everything set up and running the ideas started to flow and we both began playing, looping, chopping sounds and sharing ideas. The interesting thing about writing in a virtual space is that you can each be in your own space with your own gear and equipment, exactly the way you like it at your fingertips. At the same time you also hear and see what the other person is doing in their space and are able to offer feedback in real-time. This wasn’t something I had thought of earlier but proved to be very enlightening and a mutually beneficial experience. It allowed both Khari and I to create a different kind of workflow, we were both able to create at the same time, only stopping to comment or listen to a critique.  Continue reading

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More Muneshine Mr. Jones – the power of DROPBOX – Muneshine Jones

It was nearing the end of the winter this year when I was in e-mail correspondence with my friend and collaborator Rob Bakker aka Muneshine. I had been writing lyrics to his beats over the winter and also connecting him with artists from my record label, Mojo Records & Publishing. After listening to about fifty or more of his beats I suggested that we collaborate on an instrumental project. I too had numerous instrumentals that had passed through many artists ears and never been exposed to the public ear. We began sharing songs and ideas back and forth using a file sharing system called ‘Dropbox’. To those unfamiliar with Dropbox it is online file sharing tool that lets one seamlessly share files from computer to computer using one storage file that both computers share.  Continue reading

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One experience that stands out in my mind where technology played an integral role in my songwriting was through the rise of Myspace. In 2007 when Myspace was dominating the music social networking world I was contacted by a production team based out of Switzerland called ‘Natural Diggers’. They wrote me a pitch complimenting my vocal sound and reaching out for me to check out some beat/ music compositions that they were writing. The first piece I heard was a tune tilted ‘Blow Up One’ and it instantly grabbed me. Up until this point I had done most production/ writing on my own or with local engineers and producers. I contacted them back and proposed that we should collaborate. They were excited to hear from me and within a few short weeks we had contracts written and executed for three songs, two of which ended up making my recently released record ‘Runaway Jones’.  Continue reading

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