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Learning how to say “No” is important. It’s easy to take on too many projects at once, or get involved with time consuming artists/sessions that do little to further your creativity or career goals.  A prime example of this happened to me a few years ago, just before the Super Bowl.  Continue reading

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“The Worst Piece of Music I’ve Ever Heard”

“Honestly, I can’t figure out why the client picked this track, It sounds like a funeral dirge” These were the first three sentences out of the agency producers mouth, as her and three other advertising creatives sat down on the couch. This was a mix session for a commercial. The music they were talking about was mine. It was the first spot I’d ever won. The excitement of the occasion quickly gave way disappointment. I sat in the mixing chair, mortified to hear what these people truly thought about my track. Me and my boss (the executive producer for the music house ) exchanged glances. Not knowing what else to do. I swiveled around in my chair, swallowed my pride and said meekly “ I wrote the music, and I’d be happy to re write the parts you don’t like with your help.” Continue reading

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Lessons in Learning

Some would say that experience is the best teacher. I would venture to say that it is the only teacher there is. Reading about something in a book (or a blog for that matter) is superficial knowledge at best. It’s not until you sit down and hit record, only to have your ears blown out by feedback, that you begin to truly appreciate and know Signal Flow.  Continue reading

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