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Greetings Indaba Music


Welcome Indaba members!  During the next 8 weeks I will take you on an adventure I call “The Art of Collaboration”.   Writing a song with someone else is very different experience from composing alone in your room.  Not always easy, either, even after MANY years.  There’s always something new to discover!

Each week I’ll have a guest artist featured to lay down parts, cut up sounds, or write lyrics right up to the mix.  We’re not holding anything back.. highs, lows, wateva’s and WTF’s! 

We’ll post the multitracks from what we recorded that day—every triumph and embarrassing moment- along with videos or photos of the sessions.  You’ll be able to create your own remix of the tracks and sent them in for us to hear.  We’re waiting to surprise you with what we come up with.  I know I was surprised!

Week One starts with Kai Eckhardt, electric bassist extraordinaire.  He tours the world with the likes of Garaj Mahal, Billy Cobham, and many other bands.  The following weeks we’ll have Brain (drummer from Guns N Roses, Primus, Buckethead, and Tom Waits to name a few), Melissa Reese (vocalist, lyricist and composer), Gregory James (guitarist) and my crew from OTRFor more information on everyone, click here.

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