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Dynasty Electric Remix Contest!

Music is for everyone to share, for everyone to explore and for everyone to experience. Dynasty Electric thrives on this musical understanding of collaboration and togetherness as they open their doors for everyone to be a part of their latest project, Euphoria.

Dynasty Electric is bringing you two brand spanking new contests and some more prize money for your wallets. Do not hesitate! Throw those headphones on and start turning those knobs because there are only two weeks left for submissions! Don’t miss out on a chance to be a part of thiseuphoric opportunity.

Not only has DE challenged you to recreate their latest tracks, but also to have a hand in the creation of their latest EP. Dynasty Electric has teamed up with PledgeMusic to create their new “open source” album. This means you have full access to all of the stems and a chance for YOUR remixes to be featured on Dynasty Electric’s final version of the album! Even if you are not a remixer/producer/artist, as a pledger you will still get in on some exclusive stuffs and things such as joining Dynasty Electric in the studio, having them perform in your home, or even be crowned with the title of “Executive Producer”. Well, what are you waiting for?

Start remixing NOW!

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Submit Your Music And Get Featured On The Blog “Et Musique Pour Tous”



“Sans la musique, la vie serait un erreur.” – Nietzsche knew what he was talking about: Without music life would be a mistake. Our friends from the music and culture blog Et Musique Pour Tous share this philosophy. Their blog is dedicated to quality, not traffic. It has built a reputation as being influential amongst music supervisors and other tastemakers.

Each week we’ll be picking an Indaba member to feature on the blog, in a specially curated section. Check it out and submit your music now!

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Submit Music For “The Russian Spy” And Get Featured In Front Of Thousands

Calling all songwriters! The new web-series “The Russian Spy” is looking to create a production library of music here on Indaba. We’re looking for all kinds of music, but especially cinematic music that incorporates modern electronic and dubstep elements.

The newest episode (embedded in the page) already includes music from 3 Indaba members. Check it out:

Now it’s your turn to submit any original music in any genre you want to get in front of thousands of people.

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Bootsy Collins Contest Winner Simon Daigle Hailed By The Canadian Press

“When the Indaba Music staff informed me about winning the Bootsy Collins opportunity, I couldn’t believe it!”, tells bassist Simon Daigle to the Canadian newspaper LaVoix de l’Est. Journalist Michel Tassé writes about how Daigle had to fill the gaps of a seven minute track, recorded by the who-is-who in today’s bass world: Ron CarterSteve Bailey, FreekbassThee-ramVictor Wooten and, of course, the legendary Bootsy Collins himself.

Introducing: Simon Daigle, bassist and winner of the Bootsy Collins: Funk Bass In Your Space Competition.

“The fact that the great Bootsy Collins stumbled over what I had done musically is so special!” regales Simon. “This is a beautiful moment in my life.”

As the Grand Prize Winner of the opportunity, Daigle won a Bootsy Collins Orange Star Signature Warwick Bass, a lifetime membership to Bootsy Collins’ Funk U, a video chat with Boosty, had his remix included on an MP3 player in the Funkship time capsule to be opened in the year 3000, plus some exciting merchandise.

Watch the Makin Of the Bootsy Collins: Funk Bass In Your Space Competition.

If you are francophone, check out this article about the talented Simon Daigle.


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Indaba Members Provide Music To Hit Comedy Series

The three Indaba Music members Rhyno, SixSickSix Official and Raverse Cycle were asked by the brand-new hit comedy series The Russian Spy to provide cutting edge sounds for their fourth episode.

“The Russian Spy” is a new comedy series about a female spy who kicks butt, and gets her butt kicked. It tackles the problem of the Global Energy Crisis and guarantees three things: action, charm and fun! Right after hitting the web, the series sky-rocketed to nearly 3,000 followers on Twitter already. It has 170,000 views on YouTube and is quickly growing a dedicated viewer base.

Indaba Media and “The Russian Spy” teamed up to have members of Indaba Sync provide music for their episodes. The first one that shows this exciting collaborations was launched just yesterday.

Check it out, stay tuned and watch our amazing members rise to the top.

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