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Theory and Composition Hosted By Rick Louie

Beginning Theory (Music Fundamentals):

Intermediate Theory:

Advanced Theory (“Jazz” based):

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From The Archives: Electronic Music vs. Acoustic Music

In my opinion, ever since the first electronic musical device was plugged in, there’s been a love/hate relationship between the acoustic and electronic crowds. This debate has permeated into every facet of the music world, and whole billion-dollar industries have been built on these electronic inventions. From electric guitars to auto-tune, the argument of pro vs. con has been a fierce back and forth. On one hand, electricity has shaped the face of music more than anything else in the past, let’s say, 100 years. It’s given us recording, amplification, the theremin, DAWs, synthesizers, and VSTs. On the other, as purists would argue, it has tainted the purity of true acoustic sound.  Continue reading

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Comment to Win 2 VIP passes to Coachella 2011!


Learn more on

Hey Indaba, as you well know, we’ve been running an Opportunity with Freelance Whales for their newest single, “Hannah”. Recently, intrepid Indaba member Radical Academy was named the winner, and being unable to make it this year to Coachella, has graciously given up his passes.

To enter the promotion, head over to the Indaba Music official Facebook page and let us know what your favorite remix from the contest is using the phrase, “My favorite Freelance Whales remix is __________”.

The deadline to comment is April 13 at 5PM EST.  Winner will be selected at random from the comments.

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Vote For the Song to be Featured In “Bar Karma”!

Indaba, this is a call to action! The producers of Bar Karma were very impressed with this episodes round of music. In fact, they were so impressed, they green lit any 1 of 5 songs to be put into the show.

This is where you come in. Current TV is running a poll on their website. The winner of this poll will be chosen as the winner, and will be featured on air! Head over to the Bar Karma Music Studio and let your voice be heard—you have the power to help a fellow Indaba colleague get onto TV!

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Remix Daft Punk’s TRON: Legacy Soundtrack to Win $1,000, an iPad 2, KCRW Feature and More!

Remix the royalty of dance music, Daft Punk, off their recent soundtrack TRON: Legacy. After several years of crafting the score with the London Symphony at their beck and call, the robotic duo Daft Punk has crafted a masterpiece. Now, it’s your turn to make their masterpiece your masterpiece.

Enter the TRON: Legacy Reconfigured Opportunity for a chance to win $1,000, a feature on the world famous KCRW, an iPad 2, a TRON: Legacy Official Soundtrack boxed set, and a potential release by Walt Disney Records.

This will be epic.

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