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New Blog!

Hey Kids!

Indaba is moving on over to a new blog. Please head there for all posts beyond this date and be sure to follow us!

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Dynasty Electric: Raw Honey Featuring Luminahdi

Dynasty Electric is back with a brand new music video that promises not to disappoint. Jenny Electrik and  Seth Misterka, who make up DE, continue with the band’s tradition of free spirited creativity and sprinting away from anything that could be described as normal. Indaba Music co-founder Mantis Evar has been recording with DE for the past 9 months and offered up his home and studio for the setting of the video.

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Timo Vollbrecht Showcasing Originals at the Indaba Loft

As a musician it is a vital skill to be able to process personal and musical experiences in order to channel them into performance. Saxophonist and Indaba Artist in Residence Timo Vollbrecht recently brought his New York Group–Keisuke Matsuno, Sam Anning, and Jason Berger–to the Indaba Loft on Bowery to showcase his mastery of this essential element to modern jazz.

Timo’s original composition “Tale of Jordan” which is featured prominently (1:00-4:03) was composed before a tour through the Middle East with his band. The composition, which has ample space for improvisation, grew throughout these performances and has gained a certain mystique which encapsulates the experiences of the tour.

Please watch, enjoy, and look forward to Timo’s future performances around the world!

-Brian the Intern

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The Bridget Davis Listening Party

Bridget Davis of Bridget Davis and the Viking Kings will be in the Indaba offices on Thursday, April 17th to join us in an online Bridget Davis listening party. Can I get a whoop whoop? Great, thanks.

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Radical Academy + Hollywood Undead + K’NAAN

Let’s be honest… looking for a job sucks. As a musician, all you want to do is focus on making music, but the next thing you know, you’re promoting more than you’re playing and it feels like Rick Ross wrote “Everyday I’m Hustling” about your professional life. It’s easy to think, “Hey, I’m talented! Why can’t a job come looking for me?” Well, through opportunities on, it can. Just ask Radical Academy

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