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Indaba Remixes Played During Showcase

In between sets during our Showcase at the BandPage HQ Stage, DJ MuZach spun remixes from Indaba Opportunities to a lively, dancing audience. Below are just some of the remixes that were played:

Check Me Out3lectro Nugget
Irresistible ForceMindless Faith
504Fat Bastard Remix
Fallin’P.D. Luxe Remix
SiberiaArmond Arabshahi Remix
Miami Virtuejjjefv
Everybody Breaks A GlassApproaching Nirvana
Domino TheoryRadical Academy
California GirlsNuman Paul
Sleep To DreamFabrice Potec
DeeperNeon Feather
This Is How It Feels To Have a Broken HeartBam Karate
Fallin’P.D. Luxe
LemonfaceAFK & Spenca
Sleep To DreamAssica Jelba 

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LIGHTS Remix EP Streaming on Spotify

Spotify is very excited to spotlight the emerging talent from the Indaba community and bring you amazing opportunities to have your music heard. To kick this off, starting February 28th the Indaba Remixes EP will be exclusively be available on Spotify for 2 weeks. The EP contains 4 remixes from Indaba members that were sourced through the LIGHTS Album Remix Contest.

Congratulations to the following Indaba Members!

Armond Arabshahi - Siberia

ChomStars - Toes

SixSickSixOfficial - Banner

Approaching Nirvana - Everybody Breaks A Glass

Listen to the album here!

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Get On Our SXSW Guest List

Going to be in Austin, TX for South by Southwest? Fill out the form below and we’ll put your name on the list for our SXSW Showcase that’s taking place at BandPage HQ on March 16th from 1-6pm. Come down to meet some of us from the Team and watch fellow Indaba Members perform!

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Hey NARAS Members!

Let us know if you’re a member in the survey below and we’ll put a NARAS badge on your profile.

*We will be messaging you through Indaba to ask for your NARAS ID# if you answered “yes”. Your badge will only be added to your profile after your ID# has been verified by NARAS. 

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Indaba Music Membership Discounts for All!

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Happy Holidays!

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