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New Feature! Video Upload Tutorial

Indaba just added a whole new feature on the site– uploading videos! To kick off this new feature, we teamed up with We Are The Hits to bring you a contest asking you to create your own cover videos. This tutorial will use the We Are The Hits Opportunity to show you exactly how to submit your videos. Off we go!

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Balancer: Musicians In Lofts

Recently, a young band with members from Columbia and Puerto Rico found their way up to the Indaba Loft to grace us with fun conversation and vibrant music. Balancer is now located in Brooklyn, NY and hoping to take this city by storm.

Be sure to check out their interview with Indaba above and their rad Vice Magazine article here.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for you Balancer!


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The New Opportunities Platform – More Fun, More Exposure, More Opportunity

The new opportunities platform is available in Beta. As we continue to add new features and fix bugs you will continue to have access to the legacy experience. To try out the new platform, visit any opportunity and click the “Check Out The New Design” link at the top of the page. 

The New Opportunities Platform

Since 2010 we have listened closely to your feedback and learned what matters to you most as musicians when you participate in an opportunity. As it turns out, musicians on Indaba Music care less about winning the grand prize and more about getting exposure, receiving feedback and having a positive experience with other musicians.

We have been hard at work for months building an entirely new opportunity experience from the ground up. Opportunities now have so much more to offer musicians of all skill levels: a fun and engaging environment on, as well powerful new ways to get your music in front of fans around the world.


Clean & Simple Experience

Whether you’re looking to enter the opportunity, discover some new music or socialize with other musicians, it’s incredibly simple to find what you’re looking for and to get going.

The entire opportunity experience is organized under 3 navigational items:

  1. Details: Everything you need to know to participate.
  2. Listen: An easier and more enjoyable way to discover submissions.
  3. Discussion: As always, a place to discuss the opportunity.


Plays, Comments, Votes–Oh My!

When your submission goes viral, we want you to have all the stats on how it is performing, and as people interact with your music we wanted you to be able to see just who is showing you love!

This information will be private, visible only to you, and will be available from a new feature in opportunities called “Your Submission”. Information is power. We think you will love this!


Music Discovery

We set out to build a better way for musicians and music fans to explore and listen to music. Not sure what to listen to? Check out the “Hot Tracks” section to hear what’s trending in the opportunity.

Check out that new audio player! Ain’t she purdy? We improved how you leave and read comments, and what’s particularly cool is how handy voting and sharing is: right there while your fans are listening! Oh, yea, and it works on mobile phones and tablets. HTML5 FTW!


Sharing & Exposure

We partnered with some of the internet’s biggest platforms in order to help get your music in front of fans where they are already hanging out: FacebookYouTube, and Twitter. These three platforms reach billions of people per month and in a short time have already generated tens of millions of fan engagements with opportunity submissions!

Each integration is unique and can be valuable to you in different ways, so, if you are serious about getting exposure you should check out the links above to learn more.

Your submission on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter


This project was a huge undertaking for the entire Indaba Music team and we can’t wait to hear what you think! If you find any bugs, please submit them to us via the feedback tab. And, if you have nice things to say, feel free to do so in the comments below!

Now, go make some music!

Nate Lew
VP, Product


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Studio Session with Alexandra Stewart

Our very own Alexandra Stewart is bringing us something fresh for you to start your Thursday morning.

Recently featured on Impose, her song “Soul like a Ghost” is hard hitting and the Canadian-born artist has plenty more to share in the coming months. We stopped by Braund Sound to shoot the single and are pleased to share the results.

Watch the video above and be sure to check out her 2nd performance here in NYC on June 12. You can download two songs off her unreleased record here.

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Brickbox Writes Song for Indaba

“Be prepared to witness precise German engineering”Mantis Evar

Every semester we hand select and invite a wonderful group of interns to come be a part of our team at the Indaba Music offices in New York City. These students are incredible and many have moved on to become permanent members of our team.

This crew is so amazing that two of them, Andreas Klein and Timo Vollbrecht, decided to write and perform a song just for Indaba Music! Check out the rest of the band below.  Continue reading

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