New Feature! Video Upload Tutorial

Indaba just added a whole new feature on the site– uploading videos! To kick off this new feature, we teamed up with We Are The Hits to bring you a contest asking you to create your own cover videos. This tutorial will use the We Are The Hits Opportunity to show you exactly how to submit your videos. Off we go!

Upload Your Video Submission

  1. First step, get to the contest page! Click on the opportunity labeled “We Are The Hits – Cover Video Competition”

  2. Next click the blue “Enter the Opportunity – To Download the Stems and Submit” button. There are no stems for this opportunity but you still need to enter to submit. 

  3. Next up click “Submit Your Track”.  Please Note: on top of your Indaba Music Account, to upload your submission you also need a valid Google Account with a YouTube Channel.  Indaba uses YouTube to upload, store and play back all video submissions as a way to make sure your submission is validated and not unwanted spam… because spam is gross. 

  4. Click on the link button “Authenticate with YouTube to Upload Your Video” and the site will confirm that you are logged-in to your Google or Youtube Account (if you are not already) to make sure your Indaba Account is synced to your YouTube Channel. You must also click “Accept” when the “IndabaVideoOpps” App would like to Manage your YouTube Channel in order to continue.

  5. Next choose the video file you wish to upload. Any video file format that is compatible with YouTube can be uploaded. 

  6. Once it is uploaded, let us know which software you used to create your submission. Since this is a video submission, feel free to just click”Other”.

  7. Once you’re done, click “Submit” and voilà! Your submission will be uploaded to your YouTube channel via the Indaba Music Site where it will be stored and authenticated on YouTube and in the Indaba Archive.

As always if you have any more questions and/or concerns about this contest please message us by clicking “Support” in Upper, Right-Hand Corner of your browser window.

Good Luck and have fun!!

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