Dynasty Electric: Raw Honey Featuring Luminahdi

Dynasty Electric is back with a brand new music video that promises not to disappoint. Jenny Electrik and  Seth Misterka, who make up DE, continue with the band’s tradition of free spirited creativity and sprinting away from anything that could be described as normal. Indaba Music co-founder Mantis Evar has been recording with DE for the past 9 months and offered up his home and studio for the setting of the video.

“We regularly sit at my dining room table to discuss songs and video ideas. We figured we’d shoot Raw Honey right where our ideas came to mind – starting at the dining room table!” says Mantis. They even called on another Indaba Music member to work on the track.

“The band had been recently inspired by Featured Artist Luminahdi‘s love for natural foods and more specifically, her love for raw honey. Now we ALL love raw honey and had collaborated to celebrate this tasty treat.”

Next step was to expand– call on friends give this video life.

“As this tune came together with a very small group of intimate friends, when it came time for us to cast the video we called upon a few more of our creative friends to make this all happen. I wish we could say that we have a favorite part in the creation of this video but the truth of the matter is that everyone did an amazing job and, as you can see, it was all so incredibly fun to produce!”

Check out Dynasty Electric’s video for Raw Honey and be sure to share it on the web!


Get Raw Honey on iTunes: http://bit.ly/rawhoneyonitunes
Like Dynasty Electric: https://www.facebook.com/dynastyelectric
Follow Dynasty Electric: http://www.twitter.com/dynastyelectric

Directed by Dynasty Electric (Seth Misterka & Jenny Electrik)
Director of Photography- Victor Torch, 2nd Camera- Ron Hendricks
Executive Production by Mantis Evar and Ricardo Pantoja
Stylist- Ess Stargo, Makeup- Jofia Ross

Luminahdi https://soundcloud.com/luminahdi
Andrea Deveau
Jennifer Peterson
Justin Case Riley
Marie D’Angelo
Nina Botelho
Carin Pompeii
Tony Grund
Kent Wilkinson
Cynthia Wang
Zulu Padilla
Sarah Kirshen
Emily Pope-Blackman
Demetra Songs
Danny Nez
Ray DiSerio
Paul Nitsche
Inca Mera
Dana Dvoretskaya
Maria Elvira
Raul Jalube
Marla Gutierrez-Patterson
Bridgette Costa Biello
Christiane Thomas
Chanco the Chihuahua

Label- Wicked Vybz,
Distribution- Zojak International

Album Art- Renuvo http://www.renuvo.net/
Photography- Irvin A. Kelly

Mastered by Cid D Kid

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15 Responses to Dynasty Electric: Raw Honey Featuring Luminahdi

  1. temitope says:

    Happy to have the band back and this video is awesome

  2. Zen Boa says:

    Pretty awesome video. About to listen to Dynasty Electric on RadioMusic.com. Love it.

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  4. Triana S says:

    welcome back dynasty. it’s good to see them performing. lovely song.

  5. Great come back Dynasty Electric. Keep it up with your work and band

  6. Tayna R. Flores says:

    Nice video.

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