Akira Katani’s “Mundane Moon” Music Video

Want to see a Buddha Mantis smack someone? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Presenting Akira Katani a.k.a TokyoSinz‘s first music video featuring his new single “Mundane Moon.” This video was shot by Amora Films at co-founder Mantis Evar’s home and has everything you could ever want in a music video*.  Enjoy this amazing track and visual by beloved Indaba member and be sure to share with friends!


*You can see boobs at 0:23.

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5 Responses to Akira Katani’s “Mundane Moon” Music Video

  1. Yea, I love this music video and has every flavor that any music lover would love to hear! Thanks for sharing such amazing track. Will sure to share with friends!

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