Colton Schweitzer + Matisyahu

Sometimes it feels like there is no one listening.  You pour your heart into your submission and with great pride you share it with your fans and friends. Yet, despite its awesomeness, it gets lost in the mass shuffle of the interwebs—never to be heard again.  Ok, that’s a little dramatic, but it sure feels good to know that someone is appreciating you work.  Even better?  When it’s Matisyahu who is appreciating your work.

Colton Schweitzer is a student at the University of Washington with a passion for making music.  As an Indaba member for over a year now, Colton has submitted to 5 remix contests but it was not until the Matisyahu “Live Like A Warrior” remix contest opportunity that he received the acknowledgement he’d been looking for.   Colton writes, “I found out from another participant in the competition that Matisyahu himself had posted about my remix on Facebook. At the time, I was at work and I was having an awful day where everything seemed to be going wrong… I was immediately ecstatic.

“It completely validated my passion for music and my drive to want to turn this into a full time career. I’m so happy I entered into this competition because even if I don’t win, Matisyahu’s comment and exposure made it completely worth while, inspiring me to continue doing what I am doing.”

In seconds, Colton was introduced to the ears of nearly 900,000 fans on Facebook and over 1,500,000 fans on Twitter.  Matisyahu’s actions resulted in over 3,000 plays, 1,000 shares on Facebook and Twitter, and one very happy remixer.

When you enter an Indaba Music opportunity, you never know who is listening!  And then, sometimes, you do :)

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  1. ysl outlet says:

    I have a presentation next week,and I am on the look for such information.

  2. Luke Griffiths says:

    All the Best Dude and keep yourself motivated.

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