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What does it take to be a successful musician these days? Is it mastering your instrument? Playing a show in front of a crowd of hundreds or even thousands? Collaborating with other people who share the same passion and direction? Making millions of dollars off your music?

Depending on your definition of success, it can be all, none, or even a combination of these things. The point is, no matter where you’re at in your musical career, as long as you keep working – keep learning – there is no way the experience could be considered a failure. The journey in itself is the success, and the sooner you recognize that, the better off you’ll be.

This has been the case for one of our own from the Indaba community. Daniel Snyder, winner of the Songtrust producer/songwriter competition back in May 2012, has continued to show that Indaba was a vital stepping-stone for his growing success.

Since the announcement of his winning song, Snyder has kept the momentum going by collaborating with Nashville-based electro-pop quintet Wild Cub on a remix for their single “Thunder Clatter”, co-writing and producing for triple threat performer Hayley Kiyoko (formerly of Universal’s girl group The Stunners), building out his own catalog and composing custom tracks for various music production houses, and attending the ASCAP Paul Cunningham Songwriters Workshop, an annual workshop that focuses on the development of ASCAP’s advanced songwriters. In addition, he has also helped bring his collaborating artist, Beaux Saunders, into the spotlight in two major markets both in the UK and US.

As an independent producer, Snyder essentially plays a dual-role as both artist and A&R rep.

He says, “I’m making a name for myself by discovering and cultivating new innovative talent like Beaux, producing and helping to develop her sound, and ultimately putting artists like her in a better position to gain attention and possibly sign with a major or indie label and publisher.”

By no means should any attention be taken from Snyder’s bubbly counterpart and co-writer of the winning song, Beaux. She has shared some pretty impressive success in the year and a half since the song first gained some traction among industry professionals.

In February 2013, Beaux was named “Artist to Watch” by The GRAMMYs and Akon’s Hitlab. From there, she was invited out to Los Angeles to perform at the Social Media Rock Star Summit, walk the red carpet, and hang in the studio with Akon. She is currently playing shows around the UK, and continues to work with Snyder between gigs.

Driven by a passion for art, Daniel Snyder also offers some helpful advice to his fellow musicians:

“The Indaba win really gave me a boost of confidence and a sense of validation – like I was doing something right. It was the first moment when I felt like thought leaders and influential executives in the industry began to recognize my talent and abilities.

The win certainly helped propel my professional career and was critical in broadening my network, but it’s only one piece of a successful career. You have to keep working and building off of every success – continue to make great music, maintain and establish relationships, do research, and look for the right opportunities where you can capitalize and succeed.

Being proactive is the only way – nothing comes to you. The work never really ends – but it’s absolutely worth it.”

This author couldn’t have put it better himself.

Watch Daniel’s interview from Songtrust here:

-Mike The Intern

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