New Contest With Linkin Park!

The next big contest is finally here. Surface #RemixProject presents the Linkin Park and Steve Aoki “A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES” remix contest. This is the first of many contests that Microsoft and the Surface Remix Project will be sponsoring here at Indaba, so be on the look out for more awesome remix opportunities with the sickest prizing around.

The Grand Prize winner will take home $2,500 cash, official releases on both Xbox Music and Linkin Park’s upcoming EP, along with the Surface Pro 2 and Surface Music Kit by Microsoft. Five lucky winners will also walk away $500 in cash with the brand spankin’ new Surface 2, complete with the Surface Music Kit by Microsoft, which allows everyone from expert producers to everyday music fans to create remixes.

The app will come pre-loaded with everything from recent major artist hits to iconic classics to songs by Indaba members – all prepared especially for remixing. Perfect for on the go practicing as you get ready for the next big contest on Indaba!

Happy remixing.

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One Response to New Contest With Linkin Park!

  1. BL8ant Band says:

    I really liked participating in this contest. I took out the rapper’s vocals and inserted my own vocals and lyrics for my remix opportunity. What I like about Indaba Music is the fact that I am participating in real world practice that matters. Practice matters. I do not see a lot of vocal substitution with samples or an artist’s own voice from other “remixers”. These items (professional samples of vocals) could be created at the, “Indaba Factory” and sold for credits or money (very small cost of course – buying some “bling?”). This would help the bottom line at Indaba too. This might be an opportunity for advertisers to get their product into the song vocally and professionally. The band that contributed the song might see some opportunity if the advertiser wants to place a song remix in an ad campaign. And, it opens up practice for artist’s here in mixing vocals both live and sampled vocals. The seed has been planted, and if it was already planted before, then I just gave it some fertilizer… sort of speak. :) BL8ant

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