New Voting Feature!

Voting can be a fun way to promote your music and encourage your friends, family and fans to interact with your latest creation. “Vote for me, Mom!” But we’ve also heard from many of you that you are more interested in what other community members think of your submission.  As a first step towards making musicians’ feedback a more central part of the Indaba experience, we now enable you to see how many of your votes are coming from other community members.

When you look at vote counts underneath your submission, you’ll see two numbers separated by a slash. The first number (in blue) is your Indaba vote.  This is how many actual Indaba members have voted for your submission. The second number (in gray) is the Popular vote.  This number takes into account both Indaba community votes and votes from your friends and non-Indaba members.



You can also now sort all submissions by Indaba Vote:
Whether you love this new feature or it makes your want to punch something, be sure to give us feedback here:  It’s the best way to ensure your voice is heard here at Indaba!


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30 Responses to New Voting Feature!

  1. yasar says:

    Hi there,

    The Voting system should be different. indaba users are acceptable they should vote but FACEBOOK votes are the worst thing in here what can happen.

    so think about that so many good musicians are here and there r also musicians wich we cant even take in the musician category who just put a loop in the whole song and get from so many friends of facebook votes and do get in the first 10 list wich there could be another prices too.

    so the good musicians get dissapointed and sad and many of them close their account here. cause their honour of musician gets hurt.

    you should build a very professional crew very good musicians and audio engeneers for the voting system. so that the musicians can trust here the voting system. even if they wont get in the list so they can say yeah there were better musicians no problem.

    in this voting system you will just loose members. i tell to the management of indaba, why facebook? ok maybe this site get paid from facebook? but there is many other way to find other sponsors wich can pay this site. cause u already have lots of members and other way then fb will increase your member number.
    u can go to steinberg,motu,cakewalk,roland,yamaha, or sony or many others there are so many big companies wich some of them definitely could accept it. cause its commercial for their names and all are musicians here who buy hardware and softwares and dont u think they could buy things from the sponsors then? of course they would.

    kindly regards


  2. Goat of Neptune says:

    I agree with Yasar to a certain degree, this comparisson makes things much clearer. I have many friends who would like to vote, but dont have an Facebook-Account or they dont want Indaba to get access to their data. So it would make much more sense to let just the indaba folk vote, or at least split the popular vote prices in Facebook- and Indaba votes. Maybe this will lead to a jump in new members, who just want to vote for their friends. Then you could splitt it again, in votes from members and votes from musicians who have also at least upload one song or remix of their own.

    Are you thinking about giving the popular vote prices to the most voted Songs from Indaba-Members? At the moment I would surely profit from that, cant deny it.


  3. I second the goat. Leaving most of the preliminary sorting algorithm up to Indaba members and their friends doesn’t make any sense. It becomes this popularity, vote-sharing, fake monster of a contest. It’s such a good site, but the free-for-all has to stop.

  4. Robert S says:

    I’m glad to hear that Indabamusic trying to do something with. I have in mind fair votes for everyone

  5. Eric says:

    I really don’t see Indaba ever truly fixing this voting system. Especially those who want to vote without giving access to their data. Indaba wants some sort of return out of this, whether they admit it or not. They’re not going to host a remix competition with no advertising purpose in mind. They want you to create your remix and tell everyone about it. Which means all the friends and fans give up their info.
    What’s the point of knowing what percent of friends voted? It still doesn’t fix the actual voting process. It’s just a popularity contest. I’m not saying the winners don’t deserve acknowledgement, I just think the process that actually leads to the real judging needs work. I can also understand it’s really hard to judge every single track that is submitted. But for a website that appears to be pretty successful, you would think this would be taken seriously. Especially since the PRO accounts exist. When I enter, I don’t have any high expectations for people even being able to listen to the track, since the ‘popular’ tracks are whats thrown in your face. It is what it is. Though again this “new” feature just seems like a way to ignore the actual problem in this system. Just what’s left of my .02

  6. dj leopold says:

    I agree with the above. Stop the ‘social’ media voting system. Leave it to qualified independant musicians.
    And indaba votes aren’t even objective, often based on strategy or vote-for-me-i-will-vote-back.
    Else the quality of submissions will drop and no one will take you serious anymore.

  7. C Krecsy says:

    As long as the ‘popular’ vote through fB DOESN’T count when the real judging begins, I don’t care. I will not subject the few friends I have on fB to my begging for their votes and shares anymore. Indaba member votes are the only ones that mean anything to me, and not the ‘vote for me and I’ll return the favour’ kind either. I vote for songs that I feel are deserving based on the parameters of the particular opportunity-period. If the contest asks for ‘alternative rock’ submissions, I will vote for songs that I think are deserving of just that. not EDM or Country or whatever. It’s up to the real judges to choose their winner….and let the best man win!

  8. SONIC EMBLEM says:

    The type of sort increase is a good thing! It will be helpful for the judge and listener :)
    btw Is there a limit votes per one account? It seems to be able to vote on all entries. It’s spam anymore!

  9. rob says:

    One option to keep this voting system simple and streamline is for each member to have a certain limit on how many votes they can give for any of the contests. That way, each member is going to give more emphasis to the songs they listen to and their voting will be more meaningful the artist. Plus maybe that will also help the Judges in deciding what tracks they will listen to because I doubt they listen to all tracks…but then again – it will turn into the “your vote, gets mine” cycle and it all becomes meaningless voting. But ultimately, however way the voting process is reformed, it’s always going to be a pointless and unnecessary interaction because ultimately, the Judges will choose a Top winner(s) at the end regardless of how many votes.

    I think the judges of each contest should vote for “finalists” and out of that pool of selections, they choose the Grand Prize Winner, 2nd, 3rd place, etc.

  10. Imusicdesign says:

    This voting system is really unfair for people who dont use facebook. There needs to be some other kind of voting system implemented because without facebook you are automatically at an unfair advantage which as a paying member this could lead to me not renewing my membership once it expires. I am sure others feel the same way so all of you folks who are behind the scenes at Indaba should take this into consideration or work with the community to come up with a solution that will make this system fair for all who utilize the site.

  11. Christopher M. Kehoe says:

    The whole voting thing is sort of stupid to begin with. But the facebook voting system is completely useless.
    Asking them to grant access to their facebook account info is the equivalent of asking them to drop their pants and bend over. Most of them stop there and don’t vote. And WHO CAN BLAME THEM????
    I will NEVER subject my friends to that aggravation again.

  12. blaaaaa says:

    in my opinion, the popularity vote is just a way to sift through crap. it takes a but ton of work to get move it because people arent interested, and its not as easy to just ask friends because well… nobody wants to do anything for anyone else. i think its a hard thing to solve, and just allowing other indaba users to vote is not the right answer. because other musicians arent the only people who listen to music. in fact, other musicians are probably the worst people to vote on other peoples music because they are very closed minded about others music. they are very tough judges and usually they only judge the musical side of things, which doesnt take into account the feelings and emotions put into the song. if it only has 2 chords or 30, doesnt make the song better or worst. i think the best judges of music are the crowds. if people like it, they will share it and therefore, YOU GET MORE VOTES. if you think thats unfair, well then, maybe youre just really lazy and dont want to spend time promoting your music and thats fine. saying that its not fair because most of the voters are probably their friends is also not fair because you dont know that thats the case. it could very well be that the people on facebook liked the song enough to share it and it grew quickly.
    so i dont think that it should be limited to only indaba users because thats a silly idea, nor do i think that indaba users should count for more, because thats not only unfair, but unrealistic and not a very clear and honest way of rating the quality of a song. Especially for those that come in late to a contest. Because indaba users arent going to go in every day and sift through new stuff. they will only pay attention to things that they are actually competing with. songs that have equal or more votes than their own, and well, the rest are what? screwed? no, doesnt make sense to me. i think that using other social media and PROMOTING YOURSELF is a damn good way to stand out and from there, you just have to trust that your music is good enough that the actual judges will like it as well.

  13. ^Absolutely agreed to! It is in rare cases that these popular votes are taken in that way. The only time I’ve seen it is in Linkin Park’s contest for The Catalyst in 2010, in which a not-so-good remix racked up tons of votes and made it to the top 3. That song did not win or even get runners-up, because the judges listened to it and determined that it wasn’t as good as it seemed on the surface. So anyways, this new voting update is a step forward. If you do want to improve the system further, take this argument into consideration and come up with a productive way to improve it, rather than completely change it to closed voting such as just within Indaba. If everyone uses the system the way it’s supposed to be used in, and actually takes the time and effort to promote it (which may involve…[gasp]…making a Facebook), they should be fine.

  14. Fernando Gomez says:

    On this scheme everything is about promoting the songs and not about the music itself.

  15. Gary says:

    I just have to say any online submissions are biased. No matter how you look at it. An artist will go to great extents to gain a fan base on the web. In the thoughts of having the support needed when these vote generated submissions come around. All you end up doing is spending your own cash to generate traffic to the site that so called sponsors these types of events. Like this one, now I’m reading “these votes don’t count”? What the $$##%%@@!!!
    Just another waste of time on my part just allowing someone to gain my fans email address by voting for my work.
    Thanks for nothing…..

  16. gLOW-x says:

    For Indaba users vote, it is simple : ONE vote.
    So no more : “vote for me, i will vote for you”
    YOU vote for the best one according to YOUR opinion.

    About Facebook, there are a lot of bad side effects.
    But the worst one is just Indaba becoming a second rate Facebook popular vote platform.
    If you still go that way, you are just becoming another Facebook extension…a kind of MySpace plugin for Facebook.
    And so you are dead.

    I was going to mix another song from Indaba and even pay again for PRO. No way. You have lost me with all this crap vote system (Facebook and several members votes “vote for me, i vote for you”).

    No more “community”, because it was a joke since the beginning.
    May be i will be back as “asking” artist, to exploit other ppl faith and illusions…but not as “community” member.

    Was on the other side, and left it.

  17. DJ SIMPLY E says:

    Well well…this still will not fix the voting problem that this website has caused upon itself…I for one have stayed up till 2 or 3 in the morning trying to get votes from my family and friends…only to realize that the amount of votes that you get don’t make any sense what so ever…what Indaba really needs to look into is the fact that great mucisians are being overlooked and the “not so happening” tracks are the ones that are actually making the break tru…so at the end of the day,it not about popularity… Because even if you got the top spot for votes, it still don’t help you win! Just saying!!!!

  18. Elie says:

    Voting. Meh.
    Every “voting contest” out there always turns into a big spam fiasco.
    “Yo yo, this is deejay douchebag! I checked your tunes out and they’re HAWT! -because deejays love metal- and voted for your tracks, vote for mine! Peace!”

    No thanks!

  19. Michael says:

    A voting system among musicians is an inherently flawed system. It will never be fully embraced by the general public, even with facebook integration; which itself, over time will only serve to hurt the indaba music Internet presence. No system should rely on facebook so prominently.
    You’ve been up since 07 and you still haven’t figured that juan out. Kinda scary.

    Allowing just anyone with a computer, some loops and a wobble bass to upload does not a remix make. Then allowing them to gain a popular vote by encouraging their FB friends to vote for their ‘no real talent’ track? Who was the genius that brought that idea to the table?
    This will NEVER be embraced by a mass audience!

    Just look at your log files. I know, pretty pathetic huh?
    You got nothing but the same users hitting the site, sucking bandwidth, pulling a few unique’s from FB, but not nearly enough.

    Soon you will attempt to charge the artists. Talk about rats leaving a sinking ship, that’ll be a hoot.
    Artists are broke.

    None of this will pay the bills.
    Like the way ebay brings buyers and sellers together, you must find a way to bring Listeners and Talented Artists together.
    (I’ve got some ideas, but they are beyond the scope of this comment area)

    Things that have me concerned: is not a very memorable URL
    You guys are just now separating the votes
    You’re using wordpress for this and other areas instead of custom code
    You have too many employees, just sayin’
    You actually have the word “beta” in your URL, which is still getting indexed by search engines!
    Two words: Fast forward

    You guys do have programmers working over there, right?

  20. gLOW-x says:

    My real and only question is: does Indaba big heads really care about us, Indaba users (not FB average joe) ?
    Because if it was the case, FB vote wouldn’t have even been implemented…
    Do you think FB average joe is going to buy a pro account just to glue two loops together ?

    You REALLY want to be pro and not the next average joe (dead)MySpace Beatport/Soundcloud ?
    Do things professionally so. No more social crap like FB.
    Do you really think professionals care about their mix being rated on FB ? They charge, they work, they deliver.
    And they only want to be judged by their pairs, not the average joe thinking “mastering” is a Metallica album…

    You can join the pseudo “everyone is a DJ” Soundcloud, Beatport MySpace… boat and sink with them, over crowned by talentless ppl who think everyone can be the next hyped artist.

    Or be more professional, stop that social crap and so make talentless/unmotivated ppl go away, because they only mix for FB fame.

    Choose your way Indaba. But choose fast and wisely, because your potential pro customers (like me) are already going away.

    Another point, already raised before.
    Is the remix contest for music, or just promoting the remixed artist ? When you push FB, you just make us feel you are just making it for FB counter, not music itself.

    I’m not motivated by doing advertisement for other ppl, sorry. That’s not my job.

  21. Lthrboots says:

    I agree with most of the comments.

    I do have a lot of friends who vote fro my mixes, who are not Indaba members, and that is a good thing, but I can see the Facebook thing getting out of hand quickly. there are programs out there to add thousands of friends to your Facebook page, and if those thousands of “friends” vote for someone’s remix, it doesn’t seem fair. I play fair and only ask close friends to vote for my mixes.

    As mentioned, I think an exclusive indaba popular vote should be used. That way, more people will connect with other members and not rely on fake Facebook votes to get to the top.

    This is a great site with amazing contests and prizes, and I would like to see it un-corrupted by outside voting.

    If it goes exclusive to Indaba, I will simply ask my close friends to sign up at Indaba if they want to vote for my mixes.

  22. rob says:


    Obviously you are reading these comments…and surely you are very aware that not one comment has been a positive for your current voting process and Facebook integration. Those here who are commenting are your dedicated members because we care about the music and the progression of success with the help of your site. YET, if Indaba can’t see that, then this site is destined to sink because you are at the cross point of either establishing a true MUSIC site for the producers and members or and true MARKETING site for the signed artists that want to market their music. If you (Indaba) truly like to flourish – then listen and implement what these devoted members have to say and establish both!

  23. mak says:

    that was the reason i left this site and didn’t renew my account. the whole voting system and ‘comments’ looked like a big bull to me!

  24. gLOW-x says:

    I still get some hope, but i don’t know why.
    There still a funny thing : as long as artists are coming to be remixed (in fact, promoted, because remix is just here to NOT talk about promotion) , and new users are remixing, system will still work.
    Because it is more a promotion system than a musical system. As long as you move some air…it works.

    But you will see less and less ppl with a more than one year account, and Indaba will have a hard time getting money to buy bandwidth/servers for non-pro ppl who come and go just for FB fame and fun.

    It remembers me when i stopped all those “best mix win the whole album mix to do” : you never see the band again.

    Even funnier : only 23 comments on this very important point ?

  25. I agree with most of the above – the reason a lot of us came here from Beatport is because of the ridiculous situation where it is possible to get 200+ votes just through vote swapping, sometimes the people who vote are not even in the same competition!

    Indaba works because the winners are often NOT the popular vote, which is reassuring as it means the artists being remixed are not swayed by the number of votes.

    It HAS to be about the music, and the fair and positive feedback, which, at the moment, is unique to indaba.

    Once you open the gates and enable a free for all, you cannot shut the gates again, and artists and remixers will go elsewhere…

  26. Jon Quinn says:

    Many of the comments above make sense.. i think in the end the Artist that is paying or rewarding the re-mixers should have the “final” say… here’s a Q: How and when do working Artists have time to listen to 150+ re-mixes?? Is Indaba using the “Popular/Facebook” vote as a filter for the Artist to listen to first?… here’s a thought, maybe the Judges should start to listen from the “bottom” of the pop vote list?.. that would be interesting… eh?

  27. Jon Quinn says:

    Or… have an algorithm that randomizes the entire pool of a smaller list of submissions that Judges have to ear.. kind of a “blind fold test”.. and of course this algorithm is NOT based on popular vote at all..

    just a thought..

  28. PsykoTroniK says:

    I agree with most of what everyone has said, because I am a producer / musician trying to make something of it since I have an incredible passion for music…. but I have entered competitions on Indaba where I truly believed I had a great track with proper structure, at least a decent melody, a track that really fits the genre of the competition at hand. Sure, the pro’s will always find a flaw somewhere in a track whether it be the mastering or something about the structure or the way you filled the audio spectrum, or whatever the case may be – fair enough. But I strongly believe that with the amount of entries in these competitions, NOT ALL of the entries are properly checked out in order to decide on winners. I may be wrong, but with the amount of entries I believe that the voting narrows it down for the judges to a certain selection of “most popular” or “most voted” or “most listened to” entries.

    This brings me to my point… As I said I am musician/producer trying to make something of what I love most in this world, which means popularity is out the window in the sense that I don’t have 5000 FB fans that I can beg for votes on my track…. I don’t have a zillion twitter followers that I can spam to go vote for me…. And the reason I say it like this is because entries getting hundreds of votes from external users (outside of Indaba), land up being on top which to begin the voting process, is wrong already!!! And then of course people like myself, trying to grow in what I do, trying to get some truly useful feedback here, land up way down the ladder. I can honestly say that I have listened to the winning entries in some competitions where I could really say it was deserved, and then others where it was definately not a deserving win.

    I get messages to the effect of “Hey nice track, I voted for you. Please vote for mine too” which is pure bull. It doesn’t work like that. In some cases I go listen to the track and if it truly deserves a vote then I give it, since I only vote where it is truly deserved. And of course I don’t listen to a track and judge according to MY taste in music, but instead I judge very objectively, giving credit, advice and feedback where needed.

    Bottom line – I agree that the voting system needs to be re-evaluated. I am now at Indaba with a premium account for my second or third year I believe (my latest premium was a tight one I might add), and just like many others here I want to say that this has to be worth it or else it is just a waste of money.

  29. It is really an innovative feature that can make really big difference between indaba and other musical websites. However, i strongly believe that social votes may lead to fake voting so, only voting from inbada can keep it clean.

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