Indaba Internship Fall 2013

Are you looking to make a huge impact in the new music business in a fast-paced and fun environment? Our interns are an extremely important part of day to day operations here at Indaba Music. We work with major acts like Usher, Matisyahu, Metric & Snoop Dogg among many others, manage a thriving community of amazing musical talent, and put together campaigns with big brands like Bacardi, Converse, the NFL and Red Bull. Interning with us can be an educational and rewarding experience, but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what one of our past interns had to say:

Milton Koh, former intern (click to expand)

“The one and only point necessary for the explanation of my positive experience is: Indaba is one big familial village of creative energy.

No one hesitates to say hi, have a good chat, invite you to lunch, play ping-pong with you, or even have a beer (only after hours) with you. More importantly, no idea gets looked over, no one’s voice goes unheard, and hierarchy is given leniency in favor of vertical integration during meetings and discussions. This gives each and every individual a personal attachment in Indaba’s interest, and makes every one of us feel excited to be here and contribute to the fabulous magic happening in the office day in, day out. And this self-renewing motivation keeps me going, even tempting me to get work done and be on the lookout for opportunities for work outside of my designated hours.

A good internship experience should not only look good on your resume, as many of us are primarily concerned with, but should also teach you invaluable field knowledge, and deepen your interest coming out of your transient tenure. And I sincerely believe that Indaba has done absolutely that for me, putting me on my right feet to keep running forward in an industry that is often filled with uncertainty.”

-(full post here)


You heard it from Milton, one of our killer former interns, that this is a really rewarding place to work. Did I mention that 60% of the company are former interns? We really believe our interns have a ton of potential here!

Interested? Here are some of the positions available and what our current interns have to say about them.

Business Development

Business Development Internship Requirements

Business Development interns work on client & industry market research/reporting, prepare analysis on marketing data, develop marketing campaign case studieds, and assist with contest prize fulfillment. You’ll be learning the ropes from our business development team, making some great connections, and learning how to pitch and work closely with all kinds of clients. This is a great opportunity to understand how this integral part of the music business works.

What some former interns had to say:

“In the business development department, we spend a lot of time researching brands that Indaba can do partnerships with and creating proposals to send to these brands. We have a weekly intern check-in meeting where we showcase our work to the entire department, hear feedback for improvements, and get new assignments. I really feel like my work matters to the company as a whole! You should be ready to solve problems and challenges yourself because opportunities are present for this kind of work all the time.”


“As a business development intern I collect contest data, research brands, and create contest proposals. At Indaba I’ve been challenged to work hard and independently, skills which are invaluable for my future career. Indaba is a great place to work and provides a community of intelligent individuals to work with. ”


Full description and requirements here.


Business Analytics

Business Analytics Internship Requirements

The Business Analytics intern will design data reporting and help with our effort to automate the data reporting process. They will prepare analysis on marketing data, us spreadsheets for modeling ana analysis of data, and create client case studies and performance reports. This role is unique in that we hope to have this intern work not only with the business development team, but also with the engineering team to come up with programmatic solutions to analytics problems. Experience with Python, Ruby, NumPY, SciPY, R, Octave, Matlab is a huge plus.

Interning at Indaba was an amazing experience not only because of the immense responsibility the team gives the interns, but also because of the kindness and helpfulness of the Indaba team as a whole. As an Intern, I got to really do meaningful work across a variety of teams within the company. On top of that, I learned invaluable lessons as to how a music startup runs and thrives.


Full description and requirements here.



Multimedia/Content Internship Requirements

Our content/multimedia interns work directly with the licensing department to find placements for music created on Indaba Music and listen to and rank submissions. Responsibilities include contributing to the company’s blog, writing up Featured Members, researching Hot Tracks, and assisting in listening activity. Additionally, you will help the Licensing Team sort through the Licensing Catalog.

What our interns had to say:

“As a multimedia and content intern I have seen first hand the many ways a song can be monetized. After my first few listening assignments, which require you to pass judgement on musical submissions, I felt like an active part of the licensing process. I like the idea that somewhere in the world a movie will have the perfect soundtrack because of the work I do. Many of my more recent projects involve the organization of information, which could mean anything from lists of trending hits to playlists geared towards a certain genre. All of these tasks have been educational AND relevant to my skills as a music major. Also, the Indaba team couldn’t be nicer if they tried. ”


“Indaba is a great place to get hands-on experience in the music industry.  One of the major benefits is that it is a smaller entrepreneurial company that relies on its interns to do meaningful work.  From top to bottom everyone in the company is a genuinely nice and helpful person.  This internship is perfect for anyone who wants to be part of a growing, cutting edge company and gain practical, hands-on experience.”


Full description and requirements here.



Community Internship Requirements
Community Team interns will be in direct contact with the company’s most precious asset – its members. You will help oversee the message boards, assist members with their musical as well technical questions. You will improve your writing, musical and communication skills by composing blog posts, corresponding with members, writing member features, doing music listening and participating in exciting Indaba Music events.

As a community team intern I had the amazing opportunity to listen to a bunch of amazing music and discover new, up-and-coming artists. We held our own music event and organized our own concert at the Indaba headquarters.
– Timo

My internship experience as part of the community team was extremely valuable since I was able to investigate the music scene from a different angle than just from behind the drum set.
The incredible folks working at Indaba gave me an insight of how musicians from all over
the world can be supported. At the Indaba family, one is always welcome. Good vibes guaranteed!



Design Internship Requirements

The Design Intern must know their way around Photoshop (especially in optimizing images for use on the Web). The ideal candidate has a few designs to share with us (full portfolio not required), an interest in marketing/advertising, and know something about the music/media/entertainment industries. CSS coding experience and being a musician are both a big plus.

Full description and requirements here.

Interested in any of the above internships? Please get in touch with us at and let us know why you’re a great fit!

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