Indaba Members Provide Music To Hit Comedy Series

The three Indaba Music members Rhyno, SixSickSix Official and Raverse Cycle were asked by the brand-new hit comedy series The Russian Spy to provide cutting edge sounds for their fourth episode.

“The Russian Spy” is a new comedy series about a female spy who kicks butt, and gets her butt kicked. It tackles the problem of the Global Energy Crisis and guarantees three things: action, charm and fun! Right after hitting the web, the series sky-rocketed to nearly 3,000 followers on Twitter already. It has 170,000 views on YouTube and is quickly growing a dedicated viewer base.

Indaba Media and “The Russian Spy” teamed up to have members of Indaba Sync provide music for their episodes. The first one that shows this exciting collaborations was launched just yesterday.

Check it out, stay tuned and watch our amazing members rise to the top.

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