Don’t Spam – Keep The Boards Clean!

We love our opportunity message boards. They are a great place to meet, exchange thoughts, ideas and creativity. You can give feedback, teach, learn, encourage, critique and present your music.

Unfortunately, we have observed more and more members spamming this beautiful place with redundant self-promotion. We love and encourage you to promote your music on Indaba. But please don’t spam. We would like to clarify what Indaba considers as Spam and what not. Please make sure to keep the boards clean and Indaba Music an enriching and happy place.


Considered as SPAM:

  • Requesting votes for your submission on other contest boards. Keep it to the appendant opportunity.
  • Exaggerated large scale advertisement for anything that is not directly related to the opportunity like your Facebook-Page, Twitter Site, YouTube channel or website.
  • Excessive “Vote For Me”s, particularly when it contains no other constructive information.
  • Any non-music related advertisement such as selling your microwave or advertising your Dating Site.
  • Furthermore, please don’t post any links in wave-form-commenting.
  • All repetitive messages are considered Spam.
  • We also don’t appreciate any foul language.

You are welcome to:

  • Present your submission on the appropriate opportunity message board.
  • Comment, review, critique, give feedback, give your honest opinion and encourage other members.
  • Suggest other members to check out your web properties. Just don’t exaggerate by posting this 1000 times.
  • Announce your new album, single or video clip.
  • Advertise your Indaba Profile Page.

Please keep this place clean and fun. Thank you.

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3 Responses to Don’t Spam – Keep The Boards Clean!

  1. Mr. Melvin says:

    thank you for making this point clear and fair, there are those that do not wish to use profanity
    and foul language just to be about keeping the music & comments clean at all times then see the difference, the efforts will be appreciated / valued more.

  2. Mr. Logan says:

    hi there, just wondering why my comment posting isent working on my account. im pretty sure i had 2 of the same posts in a matter of a few days, and im thinking that may be why i cant comment on anyone elses track.. but anyways i appologize for “spamming” but i see alot of other people spamming in other ways on here..

    thank you for your time!


  3. Gary Ruff says:

    SPAM is just an abuse and overuse of advertising and marketing. That is why I think it is essential to differentiate the use of “one time” marketing, such as providing your contact info only ONE TIME (ie: I am @BL8antBand on Twitter). One time, no Crime.

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