Slappin Da Bass With David Pastorius

David Pastorius is one of today’s brilliant bassists. Not at all drawing from his legendary uncle, master bassist Jaco Pastorius, David lays it all down with his driving pulse, his virtuosity and musical integrity. He came to the Indaba Music HQ in order to share some of his musical secrets with the Indaba community.

The fretted 4-string stalwart blends, boxes, weaves, and fearlessly leads his groups Local 518 and ElephantGun the pair of hard funk/punk/groove outfits based in Melbourne, Florida. If you haven’t heard David yet, don’t waste a minute and give your ears a thorough dose of hard grooving bass mastery.

Additionally, check out what bassists on Indaba have to say and listen to the thrilling submissions to the Bootsy Collins: Funk Bass In Your Space Opportunity.

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