Brickbox Writes Song for Indaba

“Be prepared to witness precise German engineering”Mantis Evar

Every semester we hand select and invite a wonderful group of interns to come be a part of our team at the Indaba Music offices in New York City. These students are incredible and many have moved on to become permanent members of our team.

This crew is so amazing that two of them, Andreas Klein and Timo Vollbrecht, decided to write and perform a song just for Indaba Music! Check out the rest of the band below. 

Andreas Klein - drums

Timo Vollbrecht - saxophone

Keisuke Matsuno - guitar

Sam Anning - bass

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3 Responses to Brickbox Writes Song for Indaba

  1. Marcy Solis de Ovando says:

    So fresh and tight!

  2. Very tactful performance.

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