Indaba Interview with Neon Feather: Look Out World!

Neon Feather, you’ve won the Grand Prize in 3 separate contests. We’re amazed! Can you talk a bit about how your life has changed since your success on Indaba, if at all?
It really is ridiculous to me, the idea of three wins. I don’t know about life change, but it’s definitely facilitated the purchase of some not-so-cheap equipment and software that I now view as indispensable. While I don’t believe that buying gratuitous amounts of gear is going to improve a person’s sound nearly as much as dedicated creativity with limited resources, there were a few very necessary purchases that I’m seriously blessed to have been able to fund with the prize money. As for exposure, I know it has gotten my name out to artists, labels and music-listeners, so that’s awesome and I’m thankful for it.

The community has quoted you as being a “pioneer in the world of electronic music. His remixes will spark your imagination and alter what you believe is possible in music. Look out world, Neon Feather’s headed your way!” and “….simply a “music wizard”. sorry, no words…only, the best producer.” Do you have a response to the amazing amount of recognition?
I really don’t know what to say, haha. I feel incredibly honored. Such favorable compliments are a two-edged sword though; they are extremely encouraging of course, but they also tend to make me feel ample amounts of pressure to constantly one-up myself and satisfy any hype there may be floating around out there. That kind of pressure is actually really helpful and motivating, but it has the danger of choking my creativity if I bank my satisfaction on getting a certain kind of response. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely appreciate a kind word, and it will always mean the moon to me, but it’s not what I’m making music for.

Where did this electronic music journey begin?
I used to have a synth pop band for which I did most of the writing/programming, but it really wasn’t too great. I took a break from electronic production for a year or so, but then I heard about the Swimming With Dolphins contest on Indaba and figured I’d dust off the ol’ MIDI and give it a shot. It completely re-sparked my passion. So yeah, Indaba has single-handedly helped me get more serious than ever about music production.

We’re so thrilled to hear that! You’re a very talented member of our community. Where do you go from here?
Your guess is as good as mine! I’m definitely wanting to put together some original songs and start playing shows by summer 2012, but I’m drawn to such a wide range of electronic (and acoustic) genres that I can’t decide how I want to present myself musically. It’s a major dilemma, trying to choose a “sound”. One thing I know for sure is that I want my faith to have a presence in my music, but in an honest, non-alienating way. I’m excited to see what’s to come.

We are too! We noticed you still haven’t changed your skill level to professional. What sort of goals have you set for yourself before you’ll cross over?

Haha, well, I’ve always defined “professional” as making a living off of what a person does, and “semi-pro” as making some money but not enough to support oneself by that income alone. So by that definition, I feel I am situated comfortably in the “semi-pro” zone :)


Well, since you still have many more experiences to be had on Indaba, can you reflect a bit on your favorite moments?
I could talk all day about how brilliant Indaba Music is. It goes something like this: Good prizes >> good remixes >> good reputation for Indaba >> bigger name contests >> better prizes >> better remixes >> better reputation for Indaba >> etc., etc. Long story short, everybody wins. As for me, the experience I’m getting on Indaba is invaluable. I’ve never had to work on music under strict deadlines and with such motivations as substantial prizes and the guarantee to have professional ears listening to my songs. It’s awesome. The community is bursting with creativity and is incredibly supportive of each other’s styles. The staff all fit right in with the rest of the community, and are really pleasant to work with. Two thumbs and two big toes up for Indaba Music.

Thanks Neon Feather! We really can’t wait to see how you tackle your next opportunity. A big Indaba hug from the entire staff!

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  2. Luke Griffiths says:

    All the best Dude. Waiting for what is next.

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